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Squid Heads

My daughter took her daughter and her niece to the mall last weekend. They had a lot of fun. This is my favorite picture of them. Two little squid heads!

Win a Colonoscopy (No Joke)

There are tons of contests every day that you might be tempted to enter. They offer everything from cruises to cash for prizes. However, there’s one contest that stands out as being [...]

Sam the Dog

I went for a walk on our farm Sunday and Sam followed along. He is usually camera shy (seriously, he runs from a camera). So I was surprised when he let me [...]

5 Best Things About Grandparents

The 5 best things about grandparents from a mom’s point of view. This post was written by my new cyber friend and super cool blogger, Monica. Monica is from Hawaii and blogs at [...]

My Girls

This is a picture of all my girls….my daughter and my 3 granddaughters, You probably noticed that my daughter is expecting. This baby will be our first grandson! Can’t wait until June [...]

We Want To Be Remembered

This is a guest post by Serene from Australia. Please read her bio below and visit her blog! Every week, one of the things my little ones look forward to is to [...]

Taking Care of Family Photos

Disclaimer: I have not been paid  or received any compensation to write this article. These thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Family Photos-taking care of them. If you are like me [...]

An Interview With 9 Nanas Who Make A Difference

If you have never heard of the 9 Nanas from Tennessee who make happiness happen you aren’t alone. I live in Kentucky but had never heard of them until I read the [...]

Minnie Mouse Birthday

March is a big birthday month for my family. The first one was this weekend. Granddaughter number 2 turned 2. All 3 of my precious girl were at the party. What a [...]

A Doctor’s Advice About Insomnia

A Doctor’s Advice About Insomnia is written by William C. Thornbury, Jr., M.D. Insomnia, difficulty falling or staying asleep, affects an estimated ten percent to fifteen percent of the population.  For two decades, [...]

A Tribute to Grandmothers Through Photography

I saw these photos and fell in love with them. Have you had professional pictures made with your grands? Disclaimer: This is a guest post, not an advertisement and I have not [...]

Grandparents Who Aren’t Allowed To See Their Grandchildren

This is a guest post about grandparents who aren’t allowed to see their grandchildren, written by Jane Jackson. Thank you Jane for your article and for what you do to help other [...]

Ice, Ice, Baby

This is not a stained glass church window. It’s my kitchen window covered with ice. This is the view from my back door…..Is this really March? Is spring really almost here? Sure [...]

Goodbye Miss Beasley

An Empty Spot On The Pew For the past 15 years or so I have sat behind Miss Beasley every Sunday at church. Her white hair has been the focal point of [...]