You Won’t Believe This Photo!

I love participating in Wordless Wednesday but more often than not I can’t make myself NOT say something. Today is no exception. My daughter and her husband were driving through town when they saw this truck.

She snapped the picture and sent it to me. I couldn’t stop laughing but I also couldn’t stop wondering what the words on the side of the truck said. So I did a little research (Google of course) and this is what I found.

If this doesn’t make you Wordless/Speechless, nothing will! Wait! Before you go (forgive me for shameless begging but I can’t afford advertising) please follow me or “like” me on Facebook! Pretty please with sugar on top!


  1. That is hilarious! Best marketing for a plumbing co. I have ever seen!

  2. ha ha! hilarious! gets attention.

  3. ummmmm? okeedokee.

  4. oh my, that is hilarious!!! hahha

  5. Ahahaha that is so hilarious!

  6. LOL!!!! GREAT shot and great post. Driver MUST have a sense of humor!

  7. Mitch 10 Aug, 2011

    You win this weeks WW!

  8. teresak 10 Aug, 2011

    great! It’s funny, isn’t it?

  9. teresak 10 Aug, 2011

    My daughter snapped the shot and yes, he was smiling and waving. I think he enjoys it!

  10. That’s too funny! I am not sure I’d want that parked next door all day everyday! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my WW too

  11. I love the van, but I also love the affable dude who’s tickled instead of aggravated by it. I am chuckling as I type, and apt to keep chuckling for a little while still!

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