Why nanas blog

Grandmothers (and moms) who blog do so because it’s a way to be heard, our children and grandchildren may tune us out from time to time but they can’t turn our computers off! Nana blogging enables us to tell the world what we think about everything from diapers to driver’s permits and beyond. We can review products, share recipes, and ideas for crafts. We can empathize, sympathize and reach out to one another. We can bond and form friendships with women from other states, even other countries. Blogging unites moms and nanas in a way that was impossible before networking and social media came along.

My generation, or “Nana Bloggers” as I like to call them, are the single fastest growing demographic when it comes to networking and social media. In other words, Nanas can blog with the best of them!

NanaHood is a not only a blog but it is also an online community (or NanaHood Neighborhood) as we like to call it. At www.thenanablogs.com nanas and moms can sign up and create their own blogs at no charge. There they can network with other women of similar interests as well as create a home base (their own blog) for their friends and families. While blogging is certainly not a replacement for face to face communication, it is an effective alternative for communication when “being there” just isn’t possible.

One grandmother was quoted as saying “I talk to my grandchildren and children more now on my blog than I ever have, because they can respond to me at their convenience and they think it’s cool that Grandma blogs!”

You may not believe this but I have friends (and children) who think women who blog have too much time on their hands and nothing to do. Bah, Humbug! Listen carefully when Aretha Franklin sings  R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

We are Nanas…watch us blog and hear us roar!


  1. Well, I am not a nana but have encountered many people (my mom included) who thought that blogging was for people with too much time on their hands! I answered her here: http://www.lifeasmom.com/2009/11/get-good-habit-going-challenge-dont.html

    I think it is great when Nanas (and others!) blog because not everyone has a mother or older women in their life to go to. Advice, lessons learned, recipes and tried and true tips are in abundance online and the blogosphere in general is an amazing resource and I am always thankful to those who contribute to it!

  2. Oops…I didn’t answer her there…I answered her here:

    The link in the previous comment was one that I shared with a friend earlier today. SORRY 😉