Why Little Kids are Cool

1. They think I’m funny. I don’t have to work too hard to make my young granddaughters laugh. A funny dance. An off key song and they crack up. I taught high school for years and raised 5 children. I can assure you that teenagers do NOT think I’m funny, so I’m enjoying making my granddaughters laugh while I can. One of the things I do to get them giggling is to play the video I did for my cousin Martha (to support her fight against breast cancer) over and over. Martha is probably tired of it by now but not my granddaughters. They still love it.

2. Young children have no filters. If they are happy they show it. If they like you, you know it. There’s no masking their true feelings. When my ten month old granddaughter sees me she flaps her arms and kicks her legs and smiles that sweet toothless smile. When my seven year old granddaughter sees me she always runs to me with a hug and a kiss. Hugs and kisses are one of the best things about being a nana.

3. They speak the truth…even when you don’t want them to. It goes back to number 2. No filters. A good example of this was when my nephew was little and his mom ran a grocery store. One day he went up to one of the employees and was staring at him. The employee asked what he was looking at. “I’m looking for the fire,” my nephew said. “What fire?” the employee asked. “My momma said she was gonna light a fire under you to make you move!”

4. They live in the moment. They can be really mad about something one moment and happy as a lark the next. They don’t carry grudges or burdens. They trust that someone will take care of their needs. Adults aren’t like that. We have the ability to get mad and stay mad…for years. And as for burdens and worrying, even though we know it doesn’t do any good….we have the ability to do that for years as well. This is definitely one area where many of us have room for improvement, myself included. I need to trust God more and worry less. Let go and let God, as my friends often remind me!

5. They appreciate the simple things. Have you ever watched a child open a gift, toss the gift aside and play with the box?  We don’t have to have the newest, fastest, latest model of something. We only think we do. Kids know that simple is good.

6. They love unconditionally. They don’t choose who they love based on appearance or social status. They could car less what kind of car you drive or if you have a car at all. They love you simply because you are you.

7. They give you their full attention. Today I was looking at a friend’s blog and she had photos of her teenagers at the beach, eating a meal and in a museum. In every picture the teens were looking at their cell phones. I’m not sure how we put Pandora back in the box when it comes to cell phones but it’s something we need to think about.

8. They know how to laugh. There is no sound sweeter than that of a child’s laughter. Don’t believe me? Watch this video…

9. Kids are unique because they are little. Everything on them is little, even their feet are cute. I love looking at my baby granddaughter’s little toes and marveling at how tiny they are. Have you looked at old people’s bare feet? They are NOT cute, but you shrink feet down to baby size and they are adorable.

My son-in-law with my youngest granddaughter.

10. At no other point in our lives are we small enough to be picked up. You can pick a baby or toddler up and hold them in your arms. You can cuddle them like a baby doll and rub your noses in their soft, silky hair and most of the time they won’t complain!

11. They take naps and most of the time they wake up in good mood. I think nap time should be mandatory for all adults. Not everyone would wake up in a better mood but at least some of us would, and that might make it easier to be around co-workers who are permanently grouchy!

12. They are ever changing. I love watching children grow and learn new things. I remember a time when I was up to my eyeballs in bottles and diapers and I thought our 5 children would never grow up, but they did and so will my grandchildren. I loved being a mom but I had so many distractions that often I couldn’t focus on just enjoying the moment. Not so with my granddaughters. They have my full undivided attention because I know that as amazing as children are, they don’t stay little very long.

I could go on and on about the many reasons I think little kids are cool but my granddaughter just got up from her nap and needs a diaper change. Have a great day and if you have a moment leave me a comment and tell me why you think little kids are cool!



  1. My hubby and I both loved the video wiyh those quads laughing! Who couldn’t just get a kick out of that? And what a great post. Love your stories and observations. I am so glad you joined us for Pearls and Lace Thursday!!

  2. Kelly Jo 10 Jan, 2013

    I love this post!!! So true in many ways and I can relate to all!!! Carter was just mad at Chris last night but was over his fit in about 10 minutes!! And nobody gives hugs and kisses like Maddie does!!! 🙂

  3. Very beautiful from my little point of view, I like the pictures vedig well.

    Marit of Norway
    (i yse translaitor)

  4. Grandchildren are the best and your babies are just adorable. Those squeezable legs! My four will be her tomorrow night and I’m already planning the fun.

  5. Kids are so real, aren’t they? And I totally agree with you about the naps. Whenever I get grouchy mid-afternoon, I take a quick nap and usually come out in a MUCH better mood! *lol*

    Following from Friendship Friday at Create With Joy.

  6. Children are all that and more. Such great points!

  7. teresak 12 Jan, 2013

    How fun! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by NanaHood!

  8. teresak 12 Jan, 2013

    Thank you Marit! Hope you will come back to visit again!

  9. teresak 12 Jan, 2013

    Your kids are adorable! I love seeing them out playing in the yard when I pass by. Hugs to you!