Who Do You See?

You look at her hair and it’s a mess

You wonder why she doesn’t care.

She does, she just doesn’t have time to brush it.

So she runs her fingers through it

And makes do.

You look at her eyes and they look tired

So tired, you wonder why she doesn’t rest.

She does, but not enough.

There’s so much to do,

Laundry, groceries, appointments

Work, the bank, get gas, pick up the toys.

Fix supper, bath time, book time, bedtime.

You see her hands and feet

And wonder why she is never still.

She’s like a butterfly flittering over her children like flowers.

Making sure they have more than they need

And most of what they want.

You see a woman.

I see a little girl with long black hair,

Running barefoot through the back yard,

Wearing a white nightgown and chasing fireflies,

Who grew into a strong and beautiful woman.

I see my daughter. My friend. My heart.


My beautiful daughter and her husband!

My beautiful daughter and her husband!

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