When You Need A Lawyer

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When You Need A Lawyer

A friend dropped by recently to visit and mentioned his dad was in terrible pain from a work related injury that happened over a year ago. I asked what happened and he explained that his father had fallen at work and the company was refusing to pay for the surgery he needs. Instead they keep sending him to doctor after doctor for another opinion.

So far he has been to six doctors, all who recommend surgery but his company still refuses to pay. Does this sound like someone who needs a lawyer to you?

Finding the Right Lawyer

During this last year my friend’s father did seek help from a lawyer. He was an independent lawyer and suddenly out of the blue, he moved to a larger city.  My friend’s father had to start over.

How much more can he endure? I wish he had known about ARAG. There’s no way he would have been left without a lawyer.

I wish I had told him that….

You should consider legal insurance if you:

  • Feel overwhelmed when dealing with a legal issue.
  • Don’t know who to turn to for legal advice or planning for the future.
  • Want to save time when dealing with legal issues.
  • Want to manage the risk of unplanned legal costs.

Benefits of Legal Insurance

  • Easy access to one of ARAG’s Network Attorneys with no worry about consultation fees or retainers.
  • A place to turn to find for help with legal issues.
  • Peace of mind, since you are working with credentialed attorneys vetted by ARAG.
  • Access to customer service for help and guidance.

When You Need A Lawyer

Maybe you don’t think you will ever need the help of a lawyer. You can take a quick online quiz at ARAG to see what the odds are that you will need help in the future.

For More Information

ARAG would love for you to visit them and learn more about what they offer!

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