When Sadness Comes

We mortals love to be happy and we hate to be sad, yet we can’t escape it. We are surrounded by it. It’s on the news constantly and it touches us. Sometimes it overwhelms us.

If sadness were a color I think it would be gray. Sometimes it would be a light gray, just casting shadows, but other times it would be a deep, dark, angry gray, so heavy that it felt like it could swallow you whole.

I don’t like gray skies. I prefer blue. In fact, Willie Nelson’s Blue Skies is one of my favorite songs. This week has been a “Blue Skies” week. I’ve spent time with both my granddaughters. My beloved husband’s birthday is today and I’m going out to dinner with him tonight. My family is well, happy and whole.

But there are so many who have gray skies in their lives and today I’m praying for them.

One such family was brought to my attention by my cousin Martha (the cousin you read about on here frequently who has breast cancer). Martha has been to M.D. Anderson for her check up and she received really good news! The tumors have shrunk and she has 4 months before she has to go back and be tested again! Praising God for her good news.

Now back to the family in need of prayers….

Martha sent me the link to someone whose heart is hurting. The young mother’s name is Misty and Misty’s mother and Martha worked in Florida together as reading coaches. Misty recently gave birth to a baby girl. Her daughter’s name was Anna but she only lived a few hours. I could explain things to you but Misty wrote about Anna on her blog and you can read about it here.  Even though Misty’s obviously hurting she writes about her daughter and family with such dignity, clarity and faith that you need to hear what happened from her blog, not mine.

I don’t know this family personally, but I know when sadness comes it covers the whole family like a heavy big woolen blanket in the heat of summer. My heart goes out to all who loved precious little Anna. She may have had a very short life but she will be carried in their hearts forever.

Leave Misty a comment on her blog and tell NanaHood sent you and that we are praying for her!

In Him,




  1. So sorry to hear about little Anna’s brief life. Praying for her family at this sad time.

  2. teresak 7 Apr, 2012

    Thanks, Amy. I know the family appreciates your prayers!

  3. Martha 7 Apr, 2012


    This is the link to the blog.

  4. teresak 9 Apr, 2012

    If you look at the story closely it says “you can read about it here” and if you click on the word “here” it will take you to her blog.

    Love ya,