When Men Get Breast Cancer

Try to imagine Raymond Johnson’s surprise when he went to the emergency room this summer with chest pains and was told he had breast cancer. Raymond, who is only 26 years old, and didn’t even know that men could get breast cancer.  Approximately 2,100 men per year receive the same diagnosis Raymond did.

To add insult to injury, Medicaid at first refused coverage (Raymond only makes $9 an hour and works 30 hours a week) because Raymond is a man. After a lot of publicity Medicaid reversed it’s decision and he will now have coverage which is a good thing because each chemotherapy treatment costs $10,000.

Each year 450 men die of breast cancer.

We think of breast cancer as a woman’s disease but it can and does happen to men as well.

To read more about men and breast cancer click here. And if you want to read about one man’s experience with breast cancer click here.

On a Personal Note

Blogging about breast cancer almost every day for a month has kept me focused on the needs of others. During the short time I’ve been doing this another one of my friends was diagnosed. She’s still trying to decide what path to take to begin her fight.

My cousin Martha’s hair is coming back and she’s looking healthier every day!

This Martha and husband Glenn goofing off outside a restaurant.

Last Saturday night we (The NanaHood Friends and Family Team) had our Pink Pajama Party and raised about $500 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. (pictures soon!) Hopefully because of it our little community will be more aware and encourage all the women in their lives to get those mammograms.

October is almost over but there is still time to donate to the cause.

Show your sisters who are fighting this battle some love by donating direct here: NanaHood Friends and Family Team

Our Team ID is 10050132

NanaHood thanks you and so do all those who are still in the fight!

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