When a Child Loses Consciousness from Holding Their Breath



  1. SANDRA TRACY 6 Jan, 2017

    I have a granddaughter and a grandson that this has happened to. I have been with both of them when it happens and yes
    I panic every time. Thank goodness it just lasts a split
    second but it still is unnerving.

  2. I can identify with this fear, but it was actually my son his first year of life. He was born with a congenital heart defect (Tetralogy of Fallot), or the common term of ‘blue baby’. He turned blue just crying or, as surgery got closer, when he had blue spells. He had surgery at 13 months, and was a changed child. Like you said, appreciate your child’s good health. That son is now 36 and he actually is scheduled for open heart surgery again February 6. We are both older, and hopefully wiser, but he is still our son and we worry. Hopefully, this surgery will be his last and take care of the problems he is having. Our children’s and grand children’s health is a priceless gift. We are putting our trust in God and the Drs., knowing God will handle this.

  3. teresak 6 Jan, 2017

    Jeanne, so good to hear from you but what an experience you have had with your son. Of course you still worry! You are a “Mom for Life” not just when they are little. Will say a prayer for your son and please let me know when the surgery is over and that everything is okay. NanaHood Hugs!

  4. teresak 6 Jan, 2017

    Sandra, thanks so much for writing. It scared the stuffings out of me! I hope it never happens to my grandchild or yours again!

  5. My daughter had a similar event when she was only one year old and had a stomach virus. Her vomiting caused a “vasovagal syncope” response that dropped her blood pressure and she fainted and stopped breathing for a few seconds. Those few seconds seemed like an eternity to me. I had her checked out by our pediatrician the next day and he told me what happened.

    I am also CPR certified–a very valuable skill for all parents and grandparents.

  6. Linda Jessee 7 Jan, 2017

    One of my older sisters done that. That is what my parents said.

  7. teresak 8 Jan, 2017

    It was terrifying!

  8. teresak 8 Jan, 2017

    Pat, I’m so glad you wrote and shared. Thank you! I love it when we reach out to each other. Blessings to you my friend!