What Would You Do?

The weather is picture perfect, the kind of day that makes you want to get outside. My daughter and I loaded up the stroller and took the baby for a walk at the park. We were really enjoying ourselves and then…..

It was like a scene from that television show, “What would you do?”

A mother parked her car close to where we were feeding the ducks and five little children exited their car. Within just a few minutes the mother was yelling and screaming at them.  One child did something she didn’t like and she put them back in the car and told them they had to stay there while she and the others had a picnic. She takes the food and drinks and puts it on a nearby picnic table.

“Today is going to be a bad f…….  day!” she yells. I cringe. “Just like the day before and the day before.”

My daughter and I take the baby and the stroller back to the car. The woman continues to yell and demoralize the children and by the time I get in my car I’m crying.

What would you do?

I did nothing. I cried. I left. I went home and prayed.

What started as a nice walk on a beautiful day ended on a sour note.

John Quinones never showed up. There were no television cameras. It was nothing but pure, unadulterated verbal abuse and it was ugly.

I can still see the children’s  little faces as they followed their mother to the picnic table.

I can still hear her yelling, “You can only have one! Don’t touch him! Don’t put your mouth on that! Get over here! No, you can’t go over there!” and every other word was a swear word.

Lord, I know that you love children and that your angels watch over them. Please, Lord, watch over those little innocents and help their mother. She’s struggling with something, God.  You know what it is. You know how to help. Please help them, Lord. Trusting in your will. Amen

A mother should have their children’s back. She should build her children up, not tear them down. I give thanks every day for the grace of God and my mother’s prayers. Oh how I wish everyone in the world had a Christian mother as wonderful as I did!



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