What Life Has Taught Me-Part II

After reading yesterday’s post my friend Annette sent me the following. I liked/loved it so much that I asked her if she would share it with you and she said I could.

This is Annette and me at her daughter’s wedding.


Life has taught me….

by Annette Hepner

…that I am more comfortable in my own skin at 55 than I was at 15, 25, or even 35.

…that if you have one really good friend to share life’s journey with, you are blessed beyond measure.

…that you will really miss your parents when they are gone.

…that my children and husband are God’s gifts to me. That I must cherish every minute.   Life is so short, and time is passing so fast.

…that God is bigger than we make Him out to be.

…that my favorite color, red, represents lots of things I love about life!  Excitement, passion, strength, warmth, love, Christmas, Valentines day, flowers, strawberries, watermelon, apples, sunsets.   Did I say LOVE??

…that along the way, we have friends for a season. And they are priceless to have.  But I’ve learned that our most cherished friends and family are often  the ones that are with us in our beginnings, middle, and endings. They share the whole of our lives and know us in a way that others cannot.

…that I wish I had listened more to God in my teens and 20s, and not so much to myself.

…that pinto beans and chocolate ice cream are my favorite foods (not necessarily together!)

…that it hurts more when someone hurts my child’s feelings than it does when someone hurts mine.

…no one over 30 really should wear a bikini at the beach.

…brothers and sisters are our special, lifelong link.

…never to say “never”.

…it is not a good idea to put your nose into your child’s athletic shoes after practice.

…that we are usually our own worst enemies. Who else would look in the mirror and say to us OH, MY GOSH YOU LOOK SO OLD!  and YOU’VE GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT!!!

…other people’s grandchildren make you want some of your own 🙂

…that a real and lasting love relationship with Jesus Christ is the only thing that really matters.


Amen, Annette! Thank you for sharing!

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