What is your favorite Christmas Carol and why?

Tell NanaHood what your favorite Christmas tune is (by posting about it) and I will automatically enter you in my book give away that takes place this Thursday!  You can just share the title of the song, or share a special Christmas memory about the song.  Write as little or as much as you like. I can’t wait to read them!

These are the books you can win!

These are the books you can win!

You might even want to hum your favorite tune while you write your post!


  1. There are so many but I think “Joy to the World” and “Angels We Have Heard on High” are my favorites. WHY? Because they tall of the birth of Jesus, the real reason we celebrate the Christmas season. Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her king. Let every heart prepare him room! And heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing, and heaven and heaven and nature sing! That’s all from memory. We are teaching the kids in Sunday school to sing that in a couple weeks for church. Awesome time! Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Julie 5 Dec, 2010

    My favorite Christmas carol is, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” based on the poem by Longfellow. He wrote the poem on a Christmas during the Civil War, after learning that his son had been wounded in battle. His wife had passed away two years before. To have such hope in God to be able to pen those words after such suffering gives me chills even thinking about it. I love that song.

  3. “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” always touches my heart. It’s sung to that innocent infant who came here to carry all of us back to our father. I first heard it at a high school Christmas concert. Margaret Green, a beautiful black senior, came forward and started singing and I was overcome with the sweetness of her voice and the apology that she was singing to the infant Jesus. “We didn’t know you’d come to save us, Lord, to wash our sins away. Our eyes were blind, we could not see. We didn’t know who you was.” I’ve heard it performed many times since that day, but I’ll always remember Margaret and how her performance made me understand what Christmas really means.

  4. Mannheim Steamroller “Deck the Halls”. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  5. I love Silent Night and Away in the Manger.

  6. Once in Royal David’s City by the Kings College Cambridge.
    Listen to it and you’ll know why :O)

  7. Tammy 6 Dec, 2010

    Oh Holy Night is my favorite. Not only is it beautiful but the meaning is so true!

  8. Marla Y 6 Dec, 2010

    My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. When I was in grade school, the 6th graders got to sing that song every year at our Christmas Pagaent. It was so beautiful. I could hardly wait until I was a 6th grader so I could sing that song. The Christmas pagaent my grade school had was so wonderful. It always included the true story of Christmas with all the beautiful Christmas songs to go with it. After leaving grade school I continued to take the day off from school to just go to that pageant until they quit doing it a few years after I left the school. I was so disappointed that they quit doing it. To get into the Christmas spirit every year, I take time to close my eyes while listening to Christmas songs and revisit those days. Thank you for letting me share my story. God bless and thank you for the giveaway.

  9. Rosie Chavez 6 Dec, 2010

    My favorite is ” Oh holy night”. WHY?Because it reminds
    Of the birth and sacrifice that was for all our benefit.
    If I get to involved in the msterial part of CHRITmas ,
    All I need is to hear this song to remind me of the “reason
    for the season” and the one who gave hid life so er could be set free
    And forgiven.

    May God bless you all this CHRIStmas and may the new yr
    Bring you all many more blessings.

  10. That is a hard question, but to narrow it down, I would say “Mary’s Boy Child” would have to be way up there especially because it brings the Christmas season from just a ‘magical time of year’ to an essential. “And man shall live for evermore, because of Christmas Day.” Of course eternal life is also because of Easter Day, but still, the message of it is wonderful.

  11. bjfife 6 Dec, 2010

    Okay — I finally figured out how to open the comments sections to leave a post … …
    I have so many favorite Christmas carols, but one of my favorite Christmas hymns is “Silent Night”. It seems to be sung at all the celebrity Christmas specials every year, too. No matter who the singer is, I am usually moved to tears — tears of joy, that is. Every Christmas Eve our very large extended family goes caroling to all the neighbors and we always sing this one just before closing with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” It is amazing how a bunch of amateur singers can harmonize so well … …

  12. My favorite carols tend to be sprightly, jolly ones like “Good King Wenceslas” or “Deck the Halls.”

  13. “Silent Night”….certainly because of its beautiful meaning, clear and attainable harmony for singers not of professional accomplishment…. But probably the emotional reaction that it triggers in me is the primary reason for my choice. In my earliest educational experience in a one-room school, the big event of the year was the “Christmas Program”, and dressing in costumes and actually having a ‘stage’ (fashioned from sheets hung over a wire stretched across the room) was a huge thing. And at home, my mother, who played the piano beautifully, would help our family sing together, and at Christmas the first song requested was “Silent Night”.
    As a student in a church-sponsored college, caroling at night with 40 or 50 young people, most of whom were wonderful singers in 4-part harmony—–truly a gift that I cherish to this day.

  14. I love “Silent Night.” It has always been one of my favorites. I remember as a kid we would go to my grandad’s house and drive around and look at Christmas lights. It was cozy and warm in the car and we always seemed to sing Silent Night. It is just something I remember and has warm memories for me. Now I sing it with my kids : )