What if you needed your medical records right now, this second, could you get them?

What if you needed access to your medical records and couldn’t get them quickly enough? My grandmother would say, “You are up the creek without a paddle,” but you don’t have to be!

AlwaysMed is a new alternative to physically having to go and get your medical records at one doctor’s office and take them to another. They offer a comprehensive set of tools that allows secure and easy access to personal health and medical information.

Years ago I had to help care for my great-aunt. She had severe dementia and could not remember any of her health care information. It would have been wonderful to have all that information at my finger tips, but I didn’t.

My cousin Martha is a 3 time breast cancer survivor. Over the years she’s seen numerous doctors in several different states. Keeping up with her health care information would have been so much easier if she’d had AlwaysMed, but she didn’t.

Now with AlwaysMed it’s much easier to be an advocate for your own health or that of a loved one.

To find out more please visit their website at AlwaysMed.com

When time is of the essence and every second counts,  AlwaysMed is there for you providing secure immediate access to life saving medical records, anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions here are strictly my own. I am familiar with this product and I am choosing to review it because I believe it has the potential to help us be better organized when it comes to keeping up with our health care records.


  1. I totally agree that everyone’s records should be somewhere accessible, but I don’t think we need a private company to do this for us. It needs to be part of our health care system. For those who are worried about security, look at all the other information that we’ve already turned over to the government.

  2. Paul Hebner 7 Sep, 2012

    Susan, while I agree with you that personal electronic health records ought to be part of a government healthcare system, that’s simply not in the cards for The United States. What you’re asking for isn’t part of our current system, nor is it part of any system envisioned for this country, healthcare reform not withstanding. So, we really do need a private company, like AlwaysMed.com, to help us collect our scattered medical records and put them all under our control, while hospitals, providers and the government catch up.

  3. Cosette DiPietro 7 Sep, 2012

    I wouldn’t want to have my records with any insurance company that might deny me any future treatment based on a pre-existing condition nor would I want to have the government involved where they could be mining the data and looking into things I do not want them looking into. I actually think private companies such as AlwaysMed are the best option to provide this kind of service.

  4. Angela Velez 10 Sep, 2012

    In an ideal world this would be part of the governments healthcare plan. Universal, accessible and secure medical records for all. In Reality though, this is not going to happen and if we wait for the government to commit the resources to achieve this, we will be waiting a long long time if not forever. Tackling this problem on a federal level is near impossible today and in the foreseeable future because of the amount of capital and organization it would require at a time when the county is financially bankrupt. I think Entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and private industry is what’s necessary at this stage to help solve the myriad of problems involved in tackling Universal Health acre records.
    Besides, tell me about ANYTHING the government does well… I just visited AlwaysMed website and I like what I see.

  5. AlwaysMed sounds like an interesting solution to the myriad of doctors, hospitals, etc. that can be in one’s history. I keep track of my kids’ medical records till they are launched and then I give them over to them. Thanks for the tip.