What Every Nana Should Know

Things I learned from my nana….(aka Grandma Layne)

1. Make some memories. Your time and attention is the most important gift you can give your grandchild. My grandmother was not a wealthy person, and she couldn’t afford to buy me things but she always had time for me and was always ready to lend a helping hand. The Christmas and birthday gifts she gave me over the years are either gone or in storage somewhere but the memories she gave me will last as long as I live.

2. You are not the parent, you are the GRAND parent. Let the parents parent and enjoy being GRAND.

3.  Keep the door open. When I was a child my grandmother’s doors were rarely locked. They lived on a farm and saw no need to lock the doors (except at night). Even if they were gone to town the doors were usually open. I knew I was always welcome at my nana’s house. Night or day. Weekend or Sunday dinner. If I wanted to stay for hours I could. If I had fifteen minutes, that was okay too. Grandma Layne was there for me….always.

4. Usually bragging is not a good thing but when it comes to grandchildren all bets are off. After my grandmother died it was up to me and my cousin Sarah to box and pack things up.  Drawer after drawer was full of photos, keepsakes, napkins from weddings, newspaper clippings. And all of them were about her children and grandchildren.

5. Watching your child love their child is one of the greatest blessings possible. Just when you think your heart has known all the loves imaginable, you find another one to add. No matter how many children or grandchildren you have, your heart will expand to encompass them all.

From a proud nana…..

Mary Alice writes.

This is Brock in his very first tie….when they changed to play clothes after church, he begged to wear his tie with his tee shirt!!!

Isn't he handsome!

Isn't he handsome!

Any more nanas out there have Easter pictures they would like to share? If so, send them in. Remember, bragging about your grandchildren is always allowed at NanaHood!


  1. Marya 7 Apr, 2010

    I like this link to NanaHood; it’s clear, and easy to use….you just keep getting it better! Good work, Teresa!

  2. How does one send a photo in to you? I have one of easter, with Melody eat a deviled egg with her spoon.

  3. Annette H. 7 Apr, 2010

    I love this article. You did have a wonderful grandma.

  4. teresak 8 Apr, 2010

    And so did you…I remember Ma Betty well. She was a tiny dynamo!

  5. teresak 8 Apr, 2010

    Email it to me as an attachment to teresa@nanahood.com
    Thanks, Becky! Can’t wait to see it!

  6. I am so excited to have found this site! I am a Nana too; well a “Grammie” by my precious angels.

    I love this story and the lessons you learned from your grandmother. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am blessed to live close to all 3 of our grandchildren…in fact we moved here because of that. Building memories that last a lifetime…now that is truly a gift that all families should join in on.

    Heading out to check out the rest of your site…I can’t wait to find more treasures here!


  7. teresak 11 Apr, 2010

    Well Christine, now that you have found NanaHood I do hope you will come back again and again! Welcome friend!

  8. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Just saw your reply this morning. I wasn’t online yesterday. It was “Waffle Sunday” and the kids and grandkids were over for breakfast and a belated egg hunt. We had blast with our little darlings and no time for the internet.

    I am already enjoying reading through your site. Thanks again for welcoming me in.