Warmth in Winter

Day 12 of 30 Days of Thanks

Warmth in Winter

Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees. I went walking and enjoyed the beautiful weather because I had heard there was a cold front coming.

It was so pretty yesterday that I put clothes out on the back porch to dry (and forgot them).

dog peeing on porch

Murphy and I don’t like cold weather (yes that’s snow on the porch and yes Murphy is trying to tell you exactly what he thinks about it!) but we are thankful for warmth during winter!

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  1. LOL – it’s snowing here right now in MA.

  2. It’s not here LOL

    Have a snowtasticated week 😉

  3. I’ll trade you, it’s been very warm here in Phoenix, and I would LOVE some cold and snow!

  4. I am definitely not a winter person either. I am trying to learn to enjoy the snow more for my daughters benefit 😉

  5. Is Murphy doing what I think he is doing? If so, I think those are his sentiments regarding the drastic change in the weather. Mine too! 🙂

  6. I had to do a double take on the picture LOL. A dog has to do what he’s gotta do, right?

  7. teresak 12 Nov, 2013

    Thats what Murphy thinks about winter!

  8. teresak 12 Nov, 2013

    You are so right!

  9. teresak 12 Nov, 2013

    I’m a beach bum!!!

  10. teresak 12 Nov, 2013

    Done deal!

  11. teresak 12 Nov, 2013

    Bless your heart!

  12. wish I could trade you some of the heat from Singapore too! ;p

  13. I see that it was snowing Teresa. I wonder what it is like as I have never experienced it. Thanks for hosting.

  14. Hahahaha, I love that last photo!!

  15. Looks like you live in a beautiful place, and Murphy is so cute!

  16. teresak 12 Nov, 2013

    Snow is fun but cold!

  17. Oh no!! 🙂 Danica

  18. fariba 13 Nov, 2013

    I love winter specially when it comes with snow .

  19. I feel the same way as Murphy lol