Want Clean Air In Your Home? Get a Venta Airwasher

This is a sponsored post. I was given a Venta Airwasher to review in exchange for my honest opinion. What follows is entirely my own thoughts.

When my brother and I were children and we got colds mom rubbed stinky stuff on our chests, put a humidifier in our room and gave us a roll of toilet paper to blow our noses on. Then she got out the humidifier, washed and cleaned it and set it up in our room. Every day she cleaned it and refilled it.

Things have changed and improved since I was a child.

The Venta Airwasher

I’ve washed enough laundry to fill up all the oceans and seas in the world but I have never washed air until I received my Venta. The Venta Airwasher humidifies dry air while purifying it. My husband and I suffer from seasonal allergies in a state known to be one of the worst producers of air pollen. Add to that our beloved but furry dogs and you have lots of “stuff” floating around in the air at our house.


The Venta Airwasher is unobtrusive and blends in with the decor in any room. We chose to put it in our bedroom and I honestly forget it’s there.


You Won’t Believe This

This little machine may not look powerful, but it is. And guess what else? You don’t have to clean it! That’s right….no cleaning! I. Love. This. Machine!

And get this..no filters to change and it holds 3 gallons of water so I don’t have to refill it constantly. Isn’t that unbelievable?


This is what it looks like inside. You just pour the water in up to the fill lines and boom, that’s it. You are ready to go!


How much easier could it be? Easy to use, yes! But does it make a difference? You bet it does! All the stuff that once floated around in the air and went up your nose now goes into your Venta.


If you or someone you know suffers from allergies or asthma, this is the perfect gift for them. What could be more important than your health? We love ours so much we are getting our son and his family one. They have 3 little children under the age of 5 and I just know it’s going to help them breathe easier and catch fewer germs.


This nana wants all her grandchildren to be as healthy as possible and a Venta Airwasher gives them cleaner, healthier air to breathe. Next year another set of grandchildren will be getting a Venta Airwasher for Christmas.

If you would like to know more about the Venta or purchase one you can find them on Amazon.

And One More Thing Before You Go

Friday, November 25th through Monday, November 28th you can go to Venta’s website and enter the code “turkeyday2016” and get 15% off the purchase of any size Venta Airwasher. There’s no limit on the number of units you get discounted, so now is the time to stock up!


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  1. This looks great, Teresa. I’m so glad you got to try this out and that it works so well. I too am a big believer in clean air.