Visit to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska

Our family had a LOT of fun on this summer, and one of our day trips was to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Martha made a quick video of some of the animals we saw at the zoo, just for the Nanahood readers:

Nebraska Zoos?

lincoln children's zoo

Usually when you think of Nebraska and zoo, you think of the Omaha zoo, and we DO plan to go there next year. However, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo was a fun two hour excursion, and they have great prices for kids and families who want to go often. I think it’s best suited for smaller children, especially with the petting zoo area and horseback riding. We were able to see a bald eagle, peacocks, turtles, crocodiles, goats, a llama, a weird kangaroo, monkeys, foxes, a sloth, penguins, and more! They also had a very nice Butterfly sanctuary, and a few of them landed on us while we sat at tried not to melt. (It was HUMID that day!)

Martha was GREATLY disappointed that there weren’t any giraffes, but the Lincoln Zoo is in the middle of an expansion project right now, and we can’t wait to go back in 2019 when we will not only get to SEE giraffes, but FEED them too!

Have you been to a zoo lately?

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  1. Aww, no giraffes? Next time I hope. “I don’t think you’re going to accomplish your goal, turtle.” LOL.