Virtual Birthday Party at NanaHood Monday

I got something in the mail last week that I don’t receive very often; a letter. Remember those? An honest to goodness handwritten letter on a sheet of paper front and back.

Not only did my friend write me a letter, they also mailed me a CD. These songs were ones we listened to during high school and college. Ah, the memories those songs brought back! I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I can remember the words to just about all of the songs.

On warm, summer nights we would all empty our pockets of change and buy enough gas to ride around on. We’d roll the windows down and sing at the tops of our lungs!  Pockets of change wouldn’t get you very far these days but back then it was all we needed for a night of cruising.

A Month of Birthdays

My friend sent this CD and the letter to me as a birthday gift. August is a big month around here. My granddaughter’s birthday was August 8th and my son-in-law and I share today as a birthday. Happy Birthday, Gabe!

Happy Birthday Gabe!

I don’t mind telling you how old I am. In case you are wondering I’m 39+

Actually my age is 

And next week on Monday we (Char and I) are hosting a virtual birthday party for NanaHood!  Two years ago we started this blog and it’s been so much fun because of you!  So be sure and join us for games and prizes and do me a favor (come on, it’s my birthday) LIKE NanaHood on Facebook and sign up to follow us through Google Friend Connect on the right hand side of this page. And if you have a blog or Facebook page tell them about the party at NanaHood on Monday. They might just win a prize!



  1. I’m just a little bit older than you, but share the memory of buying gas for the car with our pocket change. We would buy a quarter’s worth at a time, and still managed to run out of gas a couple of times! Also, the singing: nothing like an a capella version of “Twist and Shout”! “Shake it up, baby” and Happy Birthday to Nanahood! Annie

  2. I am one year older than you and remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon and we didn’t have to wear seat belts til later. My how the time flies. Do the twist, like you did last summer? HA! Happy Birthday!

  3. In case you are wondering I’m 39+

    I’m a day late, but I hope your birthday was a delight!