Valentines with the GRANDdaughter

     The GRANDdaughter was over tonight and I had a box of Valentines. She had a list of names and I asked her if she’d like to address them. So, she started working on them and Aunt Rachel supervised.
    She spread all the cards across the floor and looked them over.
    “I like Sophia so I’ll give her this one.”
     “He’s mean to me, so I’ll give him this one,” she said.
     I tried finding out what “mean” meant, but she was really vague. She’s still young enough that she thinks boys have cooties (except for The Beiber).
     I’m not sure my lecture worked. All the boys in her class got the purple ones (her least favorite) and all the girls got pink.    
     Do you do Valentine’s with your grands? Do you send them one?
I found a pink “Hello Kitty” purse on sale and have filled with “purse essentials” like lip gloss, hair brush, etc. We don’t do the candy thing with her because she has such trouble with her teeth.
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Saw these online! Aren't they adorable?


  1. Love those valentine pops! Where did you find them?

  2. is a great site for homemade Valentine ideas. We find our ideas there every year. The photo pop Valentines were featured in Family Fun magazine this year – instructions to make them are also on the website. I loved them, but we too stay away from any Valentines with candy as we try to stay away from the artificial colors and flavors which tend to make my active boys even more active, so we picked another idea to use this year!

  3. I helped my grandsons address their Pirates of the Caribbean valentines. I had seen the photo pop valentines, but I don’t think their school allows kids to bring candy any longer, so I passed on making them.