Are You Two Twins?

If you know any identical twins then you probably know that at least once a day someone asks them, “Are you two twins?”  Our boys will be 23 this year and they are best friends. They are together most of the time. Because we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else, most people they encounter know they are twins but this past week we were traveling and everywhere we stopped someone always asked them, “Are you two twins?”

After 22, almost 23 years of this, they are still polite. They always grin and say yes. I’m sure occasionally they would like to say, “No, I’ve never seen that guy in my life.” But they don’t.

The fact that they are always noticed, no matter where they go, can be attributed to the fact that they are twins, but it’s also because they are 6 ft. 8 inches tall. So, after the twin question immediately comes the basketball question. “Do you guys play basketball?” They did play in high school, but people assume they play college ball.

Thinking about how people react to our twins makes me wonder how often we assume things about other people just because of their appearance. Are overweight people always lazy? Are really skinny people always anorexic? Of course not!

Assumptions are easy. People are curious. So just in case you wondered….


Yes, they are twins.


  1. Kymberly 31 Jul, 2014

    Being a twin IS a lot of fun, though with age and time, my identical twin sis and I look less alike to the point that people are surprised we are twins. I liked the days when we got double takes and look more alike. One day I’ll comprise a list of top 10 questions twins get asked. No doubt your boys get asked some of the same other ones as well. PS My 6 foot daughter gets asked whether she plays b-ball as well. Nope, but she did play Dev I v-ball! Here’s to tall, good looking, athletic 22 and 23 year olds!

  2. Diane 31 Jul, 2014

    What handsome young men! My 6’8″ son is always asked if he plays basketball, too! (Nope. He’s a cop!) And just this week, I asked a couple of young boys if they were twins. I’m just like everyone else! 🙂

  3. Susan {ofeverymoment} 1 Aug, 2014

    I am an identical twin, and I have heard that question a time or two! In the past I was used to the double-take, but now that we live far apart, it feels more awkward to be stared at!

  4. teresak 2 Aug, 2014

    I bet you have heard that question a time or two!

  5. PatFromAtlanta 8 Aug, 2014

    A few questions:
    Just curious … how tall are your husband and you … to have this tall handsome sons?!!?

    What part of the South do you live? I am in a burb of Atlanta, GA.

    Have you heard of “phantom” or “ghost” twins? My daughter had one. I had two large amniotic sacks, my daughter (now age 37) at 6 lbs. 10.5 oz in one, but the Dr. ‘strained’ the other sack, just as large, but no ‘visible’ embryo. The way he explained it to me is almost right after conception, one twin embryo is too weak to develop, so they eventually just ‘disappear’ by time of birth, so the stronger twin embryo can fully develop. I had never heard of these twins until my own experience in 1977, and have not heard this happening from anyone since then either.

  6. PatFromAtlanta 8 Aug, 2014

    The video above is no longer available, so I surfed the Net and found this one, in case anyone else wants to see this magnificent swing and the smiles on these twins’ faces!!

  7. NanaHood 8 Aug, 2014

    Thanks Kymberly and I love Volleyball! So glad you commented and I can’t wait to hear your list about questions twins get asked. Do a guest post for me and I’ll put it on NanaHood!

  8. NanaHood 8 Aug, 2014

    I bet your son is an awesome cop! Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it!

  9. NanaHood 8 Aug, 2014

    Hi Pat from Atlanta, Nice to meet you! I lived in Atlanta for awhile and still go back to visit often. I live in southern Kentucky, near Bowling Green. I have never heard of ghost twins. Made me sad reading about it. Brought back all the possibilities my doctor told me about when I was expecting our twins. He had me scared to death. By the time I gave birth I just knew there would be something wrong. Thankfully the doctor was wrong and they were fine but twins are high risk pregnancies so I know he had to warn me. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your story. I really appreciate it.

  10. NanaHood 8 Aug, 2014

    Forgot to say how tall we are. My husband was 6 foot 3 (he’s shrunk a little but don’t tell him!) I’m 6fit. tall. My brother is 6ft. 4inches. And I watched the video of the twins and the swing. So precious and made me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Kymberly 8 Aug, 2014

    Well aren’t you just the nice one and all offering a guest post spot! PLEASE remind me if you don’t hear soon with a post. My email is

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