Two Books and a Blog You Should Read

I spend a lot of time researching information about breast cancer to share with you.  Yesterday I ran across a lady who blogs about her breast cancer experience.

Her blog is called, “Breast Cancer? But Doctor…I hate pink!”  She’s a high school secretary, married mom of two boys and has Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.  Her name is Ann and her blog is so funny and upbeat that I found myself thinking, “Wow, I would love to meet this lady!” She lives in California and even though I am geographically challenged I know that’s a long way from Kentucky so we will probably never meet, but we have a few things in common. We both love dogs and she likes to blog and read.

I want to pass along two of the books that she recommended. I plan on reading them and I think you might enjoy them too!

The first is “Lopsided: A Memoir, by Meredith Norton.By the age of thirty -four, Meredith Norton had been a hymnal editor, art restorer, game-show producer, and a public school teacher. She’d even lived in a tree house and shepherded goats in Minorca. But none of these unusual experiences prepared her for the most dramatic turn her life would take: the diagnosis of an aggressive form of breast cancer. In this brilliantly funny and irreverent memoir, Norton approaches the disease with a refreshing combination of humor and tenacity, railing against victimhood and self-pity and refusing to become a stereotype.


And the second is, This what Amazon says about the book,

Teresa Rhyne vowed to get things right this time around: new boyfriend, new house, new dog, maybe even new job. But shortly after she adopted Seamus, a totally incorrigible beagle, vets told Teresa that he had a malignant tumor and less than a year to live. The diagnosis devastated her, but she decided to fight it, learning everything she could about the best treatment for Seamus. Teresa couldn’t possibly have known then that she was preparing herself for life’s next hurdle – a cancer diagnosis of her own.

She forged ahead with survival, battling a deadly disease, fighting for doctors she needed, and baring her heart for a seemingly star–crossed relationship. The Dog Lived (and so Will I) is an uplifting and heartwarming story about how dogs steal our hearts, show us how to live, and teach us how to love.

I can’t wait to read it! How about you?

Do you know of any books that would help/benefit breast cancer fighters? If so, please tell me about them. Email me at


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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoy the book. And…great name you have. 😉