Tween Talk – Pie Face Game And Video

pie face gameMartha’s back this week for her Tween Talk video, along with her cousin Clara, and they are playing a new game together. It’s called Pie Face. Have you heard of it? It’s pretty much what it sounds like – pie in your face!

A game of chance.. you might get a face full of whipped cream (not included), or you might not! And if you just can’t stand to have pie in your face, you can use a wet sponge instead, which is included with the game!

It’s a simple game – a spinner, which tells you how many clicks you have to turn the knob, and a bunch of whipped cream (and some paper towels for clean-up). The face whacker thingy (yes, technical term!) will randomly release after a certain amount of clicks (how many, no one knows?!), and send whipped cream into your face. If you get lucky, and it doesn’t happen, it’s the next person’s turn, until someone gets PIE in their FACE! (You may or may not want to EAT the whipped cream, like Martha seems to prefer)!

You can watch Martha and Clara play it together in their cute video…


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