Top 5 Sounds This Nana and Poppa Don’t Want To Hear


When our grandchildren are playing and having fun we love the sounds they make….most of them.

We love hearing them talk to each other. Their conversations are so funny. Like the time we took them to a corn maze and my 5 year old granddaughter runs inside then turns around and yells at the top of her voice to her 4 year old cousin, “Go back! It’s a trap!”

I could listen to the sound of their laughter 24/7. There just isn’t anything sweeter than the sound of children laughing.

Not Good Sounds

But there are some sounds that grate on our nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. Here are the Top 5 sounds we DON’T want to hear.

5. Squealing. My husband just got hearing aids (my turn will come soon enough) and when all the littles are over and squeal (especially the granddaughters) my husband describes the sound this way, “It’s like hearing a high pitched musical note so loud and shrill that it shatters glass!”

It didn’t take Poppa long to figure out that when the littles are coming over…the hearing aids go in the drawer.

4. Whining. All kids do it. Ours did and I didn’t like it then either. I can take it for awhile but then it’s either time for a nap or time out (for me or the kids).

3. Crying. If our grandchildren cry then they are either hurt or unhappy and Nana and Poppa will do everything in their power to rectify the situation!

2. Goodbye. Obviously if they say “Goodbye” they are leaving and Nana and Poppa are always sad to see them go (even if they are having a day when they whine a lot).

1. The number one thing we don’t want to hear is…..annoying toys.

You know the ones I’m talking about. You think if you hear them just. one. more. time. you will go insane! Personally I think it’s a plot by evil toy makers to see if they can come up with something to drive the parents and grandparents batty. After hearing a toy bus play “The Wheels on the Bus” 1,000 times I decided it had to go. Then while I was cleaning out the toy closet I found the number one “grandparent nerve destroyer”….the dreaded popper machine. The one that has little colored balls inside it that makes noise every time it’s moved. EEEK, that thing drives me crazy! But not any more. As you can see they recently “got lost.”

Do any of your grandchildren’s toys mysteriously disappear from your house?




  1. LOL Cute post! I recall babysitting in a quiet house after my oldest twin grandsons were put in for naps. I’d nearly jump out of my skin when a random “ELMO’S WORLD! DOO DOO DA DOO!” would explode from the toy box. Not sure what triggered it, but that little red guy had a mind of his own!

  2. My baby sister was born when I was 15 years old. I quickly realized that I hated all her little toys that made noises. So I cut their clackers out and all the other things that made them pop and noisy. I got in big trouble with my mom.

  3. I was trying out a toy keyboard in K-Mart this morning. I remarked to the shop assistant “just the gift for the grandchild, for the parent who gives you a hard time.”

    We both had a good laugh.

    Me? I like silent toys.

  4. teresak 30 Nov, 2017

    How funny and so spot on!

  5. teresak 30 Nov, 2017

    That’s so funny! Even if your mom didn’t appreciate it!

  6. teresak 30 Nov, 2017

    Love it!