Top 5 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Go Back To Disney World

Disney World Rocks!

I’m having Disney travel dreams during cold weather and so happy that it’s only 33 days until we go to Disney World! With the temperature bottoming out at -2 degrees last night is it any wonder I’m excited to go south? Warmer weather is only one of the reasons; there are at least one hundred more but I’ll limit to my top 5 reasons.

Disney World

  1. I’m not just going to Disney World I’m going to Disney Social Media Mom’s Celebration! #DSMMC and that makes the trip even more magical! In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a conference that is sponsored by Disney and some super cool brands where bloggers go to learn while having fun. We pay for part of the expenses but much of the trip is sponsored. Thank you Disney World for choosing me to return again this year!
  2. Super speakers. We get to listen to excellent speakers. Last year two of my favorite speakers were Dave Mullins from Pixar Studios and Ginger Zee, ABC’s chief meteorologist. They both lead fascinating lives and are both extremely talented. There were also a lot of Disney folks there who told us about new projects and shared behind the scenes news on their movies. I can’t wait to find out who we get to listen to this year!
  3. The Disney Magic doesn’t go away just because you’ve been there. It’s a chance to try out new things (I haven’t been to Pandora yet!) and to revisit my favorites (I adore It’s a Small World). No matter how many times you go to Disney it’s always magical! They never run out of pixie dust!
  4. This year will be special because my daughter and two of my grandchildren are going. Two years ago my daughter went and her daughter went with me. My oldest granddaughter went on that trip as well and you can read about it here and again here. This year it’s my daughter and both her children. Kennedy is 5 and Knox is 3. Knox has never been to Disney but he is a BIG fan of Mickey Mouse! I’m sure he will be excited. We haven’t told them they are going yet because they have no concept of time and we didn’t want to hear, “How much longer?” a zillion times. I plan on videoing them when we tell them and I’ll share it with you!
  5. After three days at Disney World we are going sailing on the Disney Dream! Last year we were on a different ship and our youngest sons were with us. We stopped at Disney’s Island and enjoyed having our son’s with us and all the delicious food. You can read about it here. This year not only do we get to go to the island, we are also stopping at Nassau!

Disney Social Media Mom's Celebration

Can’t wait to get my mouse ears on and get back to Disney World and on our cruise. I’ll make lots of pictures and have so much to share with you when we get back from Disney Social Media Mom’s Celebration, but first we have to tell the grandchildren…. so stay tuned!


  1. Take me with you, Nana…I have been a huge fan of Disney! I was sooo lucky I celebrated my 38th birthday in Disney Florida :). It’s my happiest place always!

  2. teresak 21 Jan, 2018

    Oh Indah, wish I could! Follow along at #disneysmmc on social media!

  3. Have a wonderful time with your family and I hope the conference is energizing! A cruise sounds perfect now!

  4. teresak 25 Jan, 2018

    It does to me too, Jena!