Toothless in Kentucky

It’s a big deal for a child when they loose a tooth, but when they loose the upper front ones…well, I think their smile is just adorable!

My oldest GRANDdaughter with her missing front tooth!

Yesterday I took the girls swimming, but it didn’t work out as planned. Five minutes after we arrived it was break time and then while they were on break it started thundering. Pool rules don’t allow anyone in for at least thirty minutes after thunder (good idea) so we left and went to Sonic.

Can you guess what color slushie Abby likes?

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  1. The Blue one!

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. Aww! she will get her new ones soon 🙂

    I’m with Dave on the colour

  3. It’s funny how what would be tragic for us is a badge of honor for kids. At least theirs grow back.

  4. Adorable when they lose those front ones 🙂 Love the blue!

  5. LOL, can’t wait until my baby gets old enough to try a slushie!!

  6. I love all those toothless photos!!!! Great blue mouth too. Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

  7. I love that grin! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for linking up today! Have a great one! Love the blue smile 😉

  9. Did that take a day to go away? LOL

  10. What’s the going rate o teeth these days?

  11. lol love the toothless smile! Especially the blue one 😉

  12. WOWEEEE! That is one VERY blue mouth!! lol

  13. Adorable! ~ the joys of being a grand parent ~ ~ thanks ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  14. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    Thanks for visiting!

  15. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    Yes, it was!

  16. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    Me too! She’s so much fun!

  17. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    Well, if you are at nana’s house and you pull the tooth yourself, and it’s a front one you get 10 bucks!

  18. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    It took a good brushing to make the blue disappear!

  19. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    Thanks, Jen. Have a good week!

  20. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    You are welcome! Thanks for visiting NanaHood!

  21. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    You too, Meryl!

  22. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    Just don’t drink them too fast. It hurts!

  23. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    I think so too. Thanks for stopping by Carol!

  24. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    Amen, sister!

  25. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    Thanks for visiting Dave!

  26. I love those toothless smiles!

  27. Those are definitely big moments in kids lives! My 5 year old niece recently lost her first tooth and she was so proud!

  28. Sonic sounds like a good alternative to me.

    Have a great WW!

  29. I’m guessing the fairy visited then 🙂
    My son is still losing his.

    And slushie is just right for the summer!

  30. Ahhh, gotta love Slushies in Summer 🙂