Too Busy? No You Aren’t!

Do you ever have experiences that you know without a doubt that you were put in that place, in that moment, to help someone?  It happened to me yesterday and as a good friend of mine is fond of saying, I know it was a “God thing.”

If you visited NanaHood during the month of October you know that I am an advocate of breast cancer awareness. Yesterday I was reminded that October isn’t the only month we need to be pink.

Karen (not her real name) is a representative of a program  associated with where I work. She comes in from time to time and yesterday afternoon she dropped by. We discussed some business and then I asked her how she was feeling. She confided that she had found a lump a few weeks ago and that today it was burning and sore, as if she had a lump of coal under her arm.

I asked Karen if she’d made a doctor’s appointment and she said no, that she didn’t have a doctor. I told her about my doctor and asked if she’d consider going to him. She said she’d think about it. I told her I wasn’t sure he was taking new patients, but that I would call and find out. A nurse that I am friends with answered the phone and she said that they were taking new patients and that she could set up an appointment. I handed the phone to Karen and when she handed the phone back to me she had an appointment for later that day.

“Wow,” she said when she hung up the phone. “That was fast.”

I think she was still a little stunned when she left. I know she went to the appointment because she called me later to ask directions to the office. I haven’t heard back from her, but I feel sure that I will. I’m just so thankful the nurse helped get her in so quickly.


Remember the pink pajama party we held to raise money for The Susan G. Komen Foundation?

It turns out that one of my very good friends was there that night and that she hadn’t had a mammogram in years and hadn’t scheduled an appointment for this year either. I asked her why and she said her schedule was really full and she just hadn’t found the time. She also told me that another good friend of ours (who happens to work in her office) had not scheduled one either.

Guess who has been getting lots and lots of phone calls and text messages from me reminding them to make an appointment? I am happy to report that both of them are still speaking to me and both now have scheduled mammograms.

Listen Up, Girlfriends….

I know you are busy. I know it’s Thanksgiving and that Christmas is around the corner, but if you haven’t had your mammogram or you know someone who hasn’t had theirs….what are you waiting for? Early detection is important! We want you here next Thanksgiving and the one after that, and the one after that….so make an appointment today!

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