Time to Celebrate Nanahood’s Birthday!

It’s time to celebrate NanaHood’s Birthday and we are so glad you stopped by!


NanaHood's Birthday

We are so excited to be celebrating Nanahood’s Birthday! It’s been 8 years of blogging and building this community, and we’re so thankful for each and every one of you who visit, share, post on facebook, and stay connected. To show our appreciation, we’re doing a giveaway! Actually.. we’re doing THREE giveaways! We’ll be giving away one prize to THREE winners, and they can choose from one of the following prizes:

A Nana Bracelet*

nanahood's birthday

A Nana Hoop Necklace*

Nanahood Necklace Hoop

An 8×10 Print

So, what do you need to do to win? Simply comment below! Leave us a comment about your most favorite birthday memory. Easy-peasy – you are entered!

Increase Your Chances of Winning

Want more chances to win? We’d love for you to share on facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram, or your blog to let people know about Nanahood, and every time you do, just leave us another comment to let us know where you shared.

We will be choosing THREE RANDOM winners from the comments on August 23rd. Winners will be notified and have 48 hours to get in touch with us with their choice of one of the prizes above.

Thanks again for sharing in our community, for connecting on facebook, and for helping us celebrate EIGHT years of Nanahood.com!

**The Nana Bracelet and Nana Necklace are available with different text, like Mimi, Grandma, etc.

Open to U.S. residents only!


  1. Being a Nana is wonderful and rewarding! And August is a great month. Aug. 11 is my birthday! I love being a Nana.

  2. My grandsons brought me a pillow that said best Nana ever I was so excited

  3. Darlene Lindsey 17 Aug, 2017

    My 50th birthday was the best ever! My entire family with the one grandson took me to Disney World!

  4. Michele 17 Aug, 2017

    Great site! I love being Nana! It’s truly changed my life! I even have honorary grandkids!

  5. Sarah 17 Aug, 2017

    Today was a good birthday memory for me. Dinner with Grand #3 and FaceTime with #1 &2!

  6. Sarah Lee 17 Aug, 2017

    My favorite birthday’s were spent with family and friends especially Martha!

  7. My favourite birthday just happened. On July 30 all three of my grand children were at a party for the two youngest. Only the 1 year old can’t say Nana yet but it will come. Being a Nana and there is an Aunty Lana is fun as my 3 yr old Alexis sometimes says the wrong name, Nana is my family name for grandmothers. My Mom was a Nana, her Mom a Nana etc and even my sister aren’t we so blessed to share our grand children’s lives and birthdays and just days! Nana

  8. Every Birthday is special but nothing beats celebrating our grands’ birthdays! Boy do they ????Presents!!

  9. Nancy 17 Aug, 2017

    My 50th.. my daughters managed to get all my brothers and sister together for a surprise dinner!!

  10. teresak 17 Aug, 2017

    That’s so awesome!

  11. teresak 17 Aug, 2017

    Hi Ruth! They do love birthdays!

  12. teresak 17 Aug, 2017

    That’s so awesome!

  13. teresak 17 Aug, 2017

    I miss her too! But I’m thankful for all the birthdays I did share with her.

  14. teresak 17 Aug, 2017

    That’s great Sarah!

  15. Favorite was when my 1st grandson was born 4 days before my birthday

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  18. Patricia 17 Aug, 2017

    My last Birthday, 63rd. My son flew my grandkids out to surprise me and my other grandchildren. First time all grand children were together in one place. Best Birthday ever. I love being a Nana.

  19. My birthday is Sept.3 and I will be 62 years old. I have 3 grandsons and 1 great grandson. Love them with all my heart. Also have 2 sons. They all are taking me to the beach for my bday, Sept 1-4 to celebrate and enjoy each other for the best birthday ever. Excited, Also wishing you a very Happy Birthday to.

  20. Beautiful items .I am a grandmother of 3 wonderful boys that I love more than life.Thank you for the opportunity to win your gorgeous jewelry.So very kind of you .Good luck everyone and god bless??????

  21. Hi I’m a grandmother of 3 precious grandsons .Braden 13 Dylan 10 and Lucas 6. I love these boys more than life itself.What a precious gift from god .Your jewelry is so beautiful.So very kind of you to offer everyone to win .Good luck and god bless everyone .

  22. Happy Birthday! I think my best was turning 72 in Florence, Italy, with my two best friends from high school!

  23. All my birthdays are special because I am blessed to have my granddaughter living with me. My birthday is October 1 and it’s my 65th. My granddaughter asked me if I was now an elder. lol Yep Im afraid I am.

  24. Cindy 18 Aug, 2017

    My favorite birthday memory is my grandsons 1st birthday . It was themed “little man moustache bash” decorations, food, cake all shaped like moustaches ?

  25. Melanie huttner 18 Aug, 2017

    Favorite birthday memory was when my fiance surprised me with Broadway show tickets!

  26. I didn’t know how special grandmothers were until I became a Grammy to a special little boy named Will. Every day is special with him, especially when you just spent the last birthday in Ky with him and the rest of your family. What a great day!!

  27. teresak 19 Aug, 2017

    Aww, how sweet!

  28. teresak 19 Aug, 2017

    That was an awesome gift!

  29. teresak 19 Aug, 2017

    How cute!

  30. teresak 19 Aug, 2017

    That’s wonderful Sharon!

  31. teresak 19 Aug, 2017

    That sounds wonderful Peggy!

  32. teresak 19 Aug, 2017

    That’s great Barb!!!!

  33. Tweeted as well as wrote,here!

  34. teresak 21 Aug, 2017

    Thanks Jane!

  35. Terry Reid 22 Aug, 2017

    Besides being a mom, being a Nana is the greatest joy of my life. I have 2 grandchildren here on earth and 1 grandson in heaven. They mean the world to me.

  36. teresak 22 Aug, 2017

    That’s great Terry!

  37. teresak 22 Aug, 2017

    Terry, I know you love all 3 and miss the 1 terribly! Blessings to you!