Thursday Thoughts on The Color Blue

The color blue..

My mother’s favorite color was blue.

I live in Kentucky, which is the Bluegrass state. (I have to tell you though that the grass in my yard isn’t blue. In fact, it isn’t even green right now. It’s mostly brown because it’s so dry here.)

There’s a song about “Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining.”

Elvis had blue suede shoes.

The University of Kentucky Wildcat’s are blue. That’s why we yell, “Go Big Blue!”

We can feel blue if we are sad.

We can listen to the blues if we like jazz music.

When I drive to fast I see blue lights (accompanied by a siren)

But most of us would not look good with blue teeth.

abby and blue teeth

My granddaughter is the exception. She’s even cute when her teeth are blue!

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