Things My Daughter Says I Did Right

In my last post I wrote about things I wish I had done differently when my children were little.  My daughter read the post and said that in their “Baby Class” last week they had to write down things that they liked about the way they were raised. In other words, “What did your parents do that you remember positively and that want to do as well when you become a parent?”

I asked her if I could have a copy of her list and she shared it with me.

1. You took us all to church at ever opportunity.

(Remember, my daughter and her husband’s baby is due next month. She will soon find out how hard it is to get up, get a baby dressed, and get to church. Multiply that by 5 (which is how many we had) and some Sundays it was a bigger challenge than putting a man on the moon! I can remember getting them there, having sweat poring off me and looking at them only to see that one twin had two left shoes on and the other, two right. My daughter’s ponytail was off center and no one had bothered to wipe the grape jelly off son number two’s mouth. But we were there and it was worth it!

2. You read to me and said prayers every night.

(Each child got to choose their own book, which I read to them and listened to their prayers. Often by the time I finished the last story I would be asleep and Bill would have to come and get me).

3. We ate supper together every night and talked about the best part of our day.

(Supper was usually nothing fancy and after the blessing everyone had to tell about one good thing that happened to them that day. I wish I had written what they said down so I could remember it. I’m sure at the time I thought I would, but I don’t.)

4. You told me there were 3 reasons why I was special.

(Actually I told each of them the same three reasons and I told them frequently. 1. Jesus loves you. 2. You have a mom and dad who love you  more than anything in the world. 3. You are smart enough to be anything in the world you want to be if you are willing to work for it.)

If you are reading this and you have small children remember this, there are days when it will feel like they will never grow up and you will always be tired. It isn’t true, well at least not the first part. They will grow up and maybe even one day they will appreciate what you did for them. If you have boys they may not remember to tell you what you did right, but they will repeat it in their homes. If you have girls, she may even tell you about it.

Being a mom is a lot of hard work but one day it will pay off. One day you will reach NanaHood, and it’s oh so much fun!


  1. Tracey Sherman 6 Feb, 2012

    As I read your daughters thoughts about her childhood I was struck by the fact that all these things didn’t cost anything , no amount of money can make you a better mom, no great toys, no wonderful trips, no fancy schools. Showing your babies that you love them and want to spend time with them is all that God asks of us and all that our babies need. I love your blog!

  2. teresak 7 Feb, 2012

    Thank you so much Tracey. You know, my daughter read the journals I kept when they were small and she said, “Mom, I didn’t know you and dad struggled financially.” I worked at a grocery my husband milked cows, then was a respiratory therapist. Believe me, we struggled. But the fact that they didn’t know we did reminded me that God always made sure our needs were met.

    God is so good. Thank you for being a NanaHood friend!

  3. Patricia Howle 7 Feb, 2012

    My mother always took me to church and its deep in my heart and spirit. She thinks she did a lot of things wrong, I say she did a lot of things right. She lives my the saying if you can’t say something good about someone don’t say anything at all. She never says a bad word about anyone.
    My mother is and always has been a homemaker, wish I was more like her in so may ways.