There’s an Mouse in the House!

Disclaimer: I have been compensated to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. I only review products I think you and your family will enjoy or benefit from!

We have a mouse in our house and so does my daughter (and soon my son will). It’s and if you haven’t heard of it then let me tell you why it’s the perfect learning tool for toddlers through 2nd grade.

My Mouse Experience

The ABCMouse site is easy very colorful and easy to use. It’s a fun way to introduce the youngest computer users to online learning. There is a colorful kindergarten classroom homepage and a learning zoo that my grandchildren love.

Before you introduce it to your grandchildren I strongly recommend using it yourself. My daughter watched the introduction and then set up classrooms for her 4 year old and 2 year old. Every child (you can have up to 3 on one subscription) will be at a different level. Do NOT just download it and hand the device to your child or grandchild. They would still enjoy it, but they won’t get the maximum benefit if they aren’t started on the program correctly.

No Advertising

Many online activities for children have annoying ads geared to make your child or grandchild want the latest toy or cereal, not ABCmouse. There are NO ads.

What you will find is brilliantly colored learning path with everything from animals on the farm to fun classroom activities.

One of my favorite things about it is that parents also can customize kids’ learning level, time allowed in-app, and more, creating a highly customized learning experience.

Google Says

I’ve told you about the good, now I’m going to tell you about the bad. If you Google you will see some bad reviews about customer service and unhappy people who could not get their subscription turned off. I know because I Google everything. I was very concerned about the reviews and wasn’t sure I was going to do this review until I contacted ABCmouse and asked them point blank about these comments.

They admitted there had been mistakes made in the past but that they have implemented new methods of handling tech problems and are now confident that these issues are behind them.

As a test my daughter purposefully made a mistake on her subscription and then contacted them to see how long it would take to resolve the issue. It was taken care of within 24 hours. If I didn’t believe in this program I wouldn’t recommend it to you!

My Grandchildren Love It

As soon as my daughter finished setting up their pages she showed my grands how to begin and they were off and running. My daughter says the only problem she has had with it is that they don’t want to stop! “I think they would work on their lessons for hours if I didn’t limit their time. They love it!,” she said. They each have their own iPad so there is no fighting over whose turn it is.

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If you have a child or grandchild between the ages of 2-8 you can try free for 30 days. If you don’t like it….then nothing lost! I’m betting your grandchildren will love it and so will you!  Just click on the picture below and it will take you where you need to go! What are you waiting for? Get in on the fun now!

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