The Underwear Tree

I bet you didn’t know there are trees that grow underwear. That’s right. Underwear. Allow me to explain.

My husband and I have been married for twenty nine years. We are the parents of four boys (including a set of identical twins) and one girl. When they were all small our Christmas was pure chaos. Because our daughter was always outnumbered by the boys and their friends she learned to be tough.

The year she was twelve years old we put up our tree one busy week night, but didn’t have time to decorate it. They were all disappointed and didn’t want to wait, but it was way past their bedtime and they had school the next morning. They went to bed, but they weren’t happy about not decorating the tree.

The next morning I was cooking breakfast when I heard my daughter scream. She was in the den, and when I came running in, she pointed to the tree. It was decorated with her training bras and panties!

Not to be out done she snuck in her brother’s room (he was still sleeping) and soon the lower half of the tree was decorated with jock straps and boxers. Son number two got in on the action by adding his favorite Ninja Turtle underwear and some of his twin brother’s training pants.

We thought it was so funny that we left it that way for several days. That year was officially known as the year of the Underwear Tree. It was definitely a conversation piece!


  1. Kelly 16 Dec, 2009

    I can relate to this, not to a tree being decorated but my ceiling fan. My sister used to babysit during the summers before she obatined her driver’s license and she babysat 3 boys who were terrors!! (They are all grown now, into nice young men, and 2 of which who has kids of their own) Two of the boys locked me out of my bedroom and when I finally got in they had all my bras hanging from the ceiling fan and they were twirling around and around!! I could have choked them. They thought it was hilarious, at the time I didn’t, but we all laugh about it!!

  2. I love it!!!! This sounds like some of the fun we had when I was a kid!