The Most Beautiful Photograph I Have Ever Seen!

I know this isn’t what you expected when you read the title of this post, but if you look closely you will see why I say this is the most beautiful photograph I have ever seen.

Remember my cousin Martha? She’s fighting breast cancer for the third time. She’s been at M.D. Anderson getting tests run to see if her treatments had been successful. What you are looking at is good news!!!! Her cancer markers are below the normal range and the tumors have stayed about the same size (which is a good thing!).

This is Martha giving us the Texas “I love you” sign!

Praise God for her good news! Now do you see why this is the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen!

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  1. Thats a picture worth shouting about!!
    God Bless & keep you and Martha!!

  2. That is fantastic news!! I wish her continued success!

  3. That’s wonderful news! Congrats!

  4. YAY! How awesome!!

  5. Amazing! Thats great news!

  6. Wonderful news!!

  7. That is awesome to hear:)

  8. What amazingly wonderful news!

  9. WOO HOO! Best picture ever!

  10. Oh… this made me cry with happiness for you and Martha. We will keep on praying… and say several prayers of THANKFULNESS!!

  11. That IS a pretty pic 🙂

  12. teresak 9 Nov, 2011


  13. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    Thank you, Char, and praying for your mom-in-law and sister!

  14. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    I agree! Thank you!

  15. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    Thank you so much and we agree!

  16. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    Thanks, Tasha! We agree!

  17. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    I agree! Thanks for commenting!

  18. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    Thank you, we agree!

  19. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    As Elvis would say, “Thank you. Thank you very much!”

  20. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    We are so happy!

  21. teresak 9 Nov, 2011

    Me too, me too, me too (or would that be three????

  22. That is truly fantastic news, and a great photograph – {{{hugs}}} and prayers for Martha, that her recovery continues 🙂