The Holidays are Coming!

Guest post by Char Huskins

Last week, I saw a very scary graphic on Facebook. Here it is:


Now, not to scare you or anything, but it’s been over a week since this was posted, which means the “days until” are outdated, and there are even LESS days until Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Somehow, in the middle of September, Christmas still seems like a long way off (especially if you are my kids), but when I look at a graphic like that I gasp and take a deep breath. I know that those 100 (or less) days will go by in a flash, and all of a sudden we’ll be celebrating 2017.

I’m so not ready for 2017.  In fact, I am still writing 2015 when I write a check.

But, time marches on, and I’m trying to prepare myself for the next Holiday Season. There are a lot of happy things about the holidays, but if your family is like most (or like ours), the holidays bring a mixture of happy and sad. We’ve lost family members during the fall season, and the anniversaries of their passing are hard. Their birthdays (also in the fall) are hard. It’s very, very easy to just say Bah Humbug and pull the blanket over your head and grumble. (Oh wait, maybe that’s just me).

Thankfully, I have three kids who aren’t as deeply affected by life’s difficulties, and are more than willing to share their giddy happiness about the holidays. This year, Martha has begun baking and cooking (UP A STORM), so Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a whole new experience. She has been planning what desserts she’ll make since July!

Last night, we were talking about how Martha could make pumpkin custard, instead of pie (since we now have gluten allergies in our family). I watched her face animatedly talking about baking and pumpkins and traditions and holidays, and I realized (once again) how thankful I am for the blessings of children. For their joy. For their excitement. For their ability to be IN THE MOMENT and just enjoy.

It was a good reminder. I’m going to keep reminding myself over the next few weeks as the holiday season ramps up and I’m tempted to grumble.

Happy Fall, y’all!

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