The Blueberry Adventure

My husband works at a hospital and I work in education.  You would think our jobs, five children and one grandchild would keep us busy (and they do!) but evidently we needed a hobby because we are about to plant ten acres of blueberry bushes. (If you know anything about blueberries you just fell out of your chair because ten acres is definitely more than a hobby!)

It’s a family venture and the whole Kindred clan is about to be up to our blue, brown and hazel eyeballs in blueberries.

Actually, this year it’s just bushes. It takes awhile before the bushes establish a good root system, bloom, and produce berries. But when we are up and going we will be….


The best thing about this project (besides the fact that we are all working together as a family) is that the land we are planting them on is the farm where my mother was born.  Last year we were able to purchase 46 acres of what was once my grandparent’s farm.  Our oldest son is renovating my grandparent’s house. When it is done he plans to live there.

I can’t explain all the warm fuzzies it gives me to see the house become livable and the farm getting ready to produce again. Such a blessing! Thank you God for this wonderful opportunity!



Watch NanaHood for more Blueberry Adventures this week when the bushes arrive….7,600 of them! Can you say, “Oh my aching back!”



  1. I am so happy to hear of this! I love blueberries and buy at least 20 gallons every June! Nothing is better than Metcalfe County grown blueberries………I eat them everyday!! Can’t wait until yours are producing. That is a great location and everyone traveling around Edmonton can see the beautiful bushes in bloom and in fruit! I am so excited! PS. You know I love old renovated houses too.

  2. Planting is good for the soul. It slows you down and keeps you centered.

  3. I LOVE YOUR LOGO!!!!!! Don’t know who designed it, but it’s the best!! Looking at that huge load of mulch does give me shivers, tho…