The BIG Cheese

My six year old granddaughter has always loved having her picture taken. Even when she was just a toddler she would step in front of the camera and ask, ” Do you want me to make a cheese?”

A few nights ago her Aunt Rachel and Uncle Gabe told her they would take her to get some ice cream but she had to put her shoes on first. She couldn’t find her shoes so she put her little feet in my very big shoes. I got the camera and her Uncle Gabe instructed her to “Make a BIG cheese.”

As you can see she did as she was asked. What a little mess she is and oh, how we love her!


  1. LOVE this pic! Thanks for linking up at Momma T and Baby E!

  2. That is too cute. Love her “cheese.” My 20 mth old just recently saying cheese when I turn the camera on. That is when she isn’t turning around and going the other way.
    Would love for you to stop by and share.

  3. She’s adorable, and what a ham :).

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  4. Wow! She looks so excited! So cute. 🙂