Thanksgiving Wishes for You

Thanksgiving Wishes for you and some recipes!

Dressing Balls and Italian Cream Cake

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to food! Without a doubt my families favorite Thanksgiving food is Grandma Layne’s Dressing balls. Yesterday I was watching a television show and the chef shared what he called “Thanksgiving short cuts.” One of those was to put stuffing in muffin pans. I had never thought about it but that would be much easier and less time consuming than rolling the dressing into balls. I think I’m going to try it and hope my family doesn’t revolt because it doesn’t look the same!

Another short cut he shared was that if you use store bought gravy to add a touch of soy sauce. According to him it brings out the natural flavor of the gravy. I thought I’ might give that a try too. I imagine the secret will be in getting just the right amount. Too much and it tastes like Chinese food and too little and it won’t enhance the flavor.

And finally, he suggested washing potatoes in the dishwasher (no soap of course) for ten minutes to save the time and effort of scrubbing them yourself. I tried it this morning and it worked like a charm. Just don’t forget and leave them in there for the full cycle or they might shrivel up!

My Mom’s Favorite Cake

Actually Italian Cream Cake is probably my favorite cake that my mother made. She could bake any number of delicious desserts, but I loved this cake. We had it most holidays and a lot of birthdays. There was never any left and if you make it, I bet you don’t have leftovers either.

Thanksgiving is about Family, Food and Gratitude

I am thankful for so many things but I want to take the opportunity to “Thank you” for being a NanaHood friend. I love hearing from you and reading your comments here. We have fun together on our Facebook page and some of you share photos with me on Instagram.

And if you are ever on Twitter or Pinterest, I hope you will find me there too!

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!


  1. I liked the poem at the end. We’re quiet here today but its all good. Got a few things done. Will eat our ham dinner this evening. Had a nice walk before it got dark. Red carpet of leaves awaited us on one street! I’ll check out that cake recipe! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. teresak 25 Nov, 2017

    Always good to hear from you Becky! Thank you for stopping by and take care of yourself!