Thanksgiving aftermath

What happens when you start cooking at 6 in the morning, serve lunch to 30 people, play games, eat dessert for supper and go to bed way past your bedtime?

after thanksgiving 001

And this….

abby after thanksgiving 005Was it worth it?

Yep. Can’t wait to do it again at Christmas!

The bigger the mess….the more I feel blessed!!!!


  1. That looks just like my house! We cleaned it all up after dinner and by bedtime the kitchen was a wreck again. But what fun! Only I’m glad Christmas dinner will be at somebody else’s this year! 🙂

  2. I love the holidays!!! My granddaughter is now 18 months. She walks well and comes into the kitchen to see me when I’m out there. After our thanksgiving meal was over, most were playing on the Wii and later I joined them. But the turkey had to be downsized and put away. Melody joined me on the recliner, she loves her little animal book with the googly eyes. She feel asleep in my lap, for over an hour. I was playing Jenga on the Wii when she fell asleep. My right leg fell asleep so her daddy took her off my lap, lay her on a flannel blanket and pillow on the floor, and covered her with another blanket. She slept for over an hour!! Wake up time, a cracker or two and her juice. Will post some photos of that day. Have a cute one of her that is another favorite of mine. I love watching her grow and change. Happy day to you!!