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Here I am, send me ~ Teresa Bell Kindred ~ www.nanahood.com

Isa 6:8

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

I have read this verse many, many times but recently when I read it I realized something. For years I have been doing public speaking, mostly at conferences and events for women. When I first started I was so nervous I literally couldn’t catch my breath. I worried about panic attacks and wondered what would happen if I went in the bathroom, locked the door and refused to come out.

Fortunately, I am over that. I still get nervous but nothing like I once did.

So I began to pray and say, “Here I am. Send me!”

But I didn’t really mean it. What I actually meant was, “Here I am Lord. Send me where I want to go. Not where you need me to go.”

You see, I hate flying. Yep. I am terrified of airplanes. My palms sweat and I feel sick to my stomach from the moment we take off until the landing gear is down and I’m safely on the ground.

For years I have made excuses and it’s time I stopped.

So here goes, and this time I mean it.

“Here I am. Send me!” by plane, train or automobile. I’ll go where I am needed. I’ll tell them about Jesus, his birth, death, burial and resurrection.

I’ll tell the story of my life and what a difference He has made. How He walked with me during the tough times (the deaths of my parents) and strengthened me. I will praise Him and his goodness, grace and mercy. I will speak with confidence and boldness because I know that Philippians 4:13 is true.

Want me to speak at your event? Just ask.


Below are a list of possible topics:

Speeches for Moms

My Daughter’s Eyes
A mother/daughter speech about the special bond between mothers and daughters. The ups and downs of raising girls (mostly ups!)

Things My Sons Have Taught Me
This talk uses the five senses to explore the “life lessons” that only boys can teach their mothers.

Double Trouble
Having twins (or multiples) is a blessing but it also presents its own special challenges. This speech shares what I’ve learned over the years from my identical twin boys.

Speeches For Educators:

Teachers are Super-Heroes
Do you know teachers who are tired or stressed? Maybe a better question would be do you know any teachers who aren’t? Charge up your teacher’s batteries and make them “Faster than a speeding parent who is late for a ballgame! More powerful than an over-night laxative! Able to leap a four foot desk in a single bound! -Make them Super-Teachers!” This speech offers advice to new teachers, encouragement to veteran teachers, and motivation to all teachers!

My Crazy Classroom: True stories from the trenches of my classroom
If it could happen in a classroom it happened to me. A student backed up to a heater and caught her too-tight jeans on fire. The air conditioner fell out of the wall during sixth period, but hey, it woke them all up! A family of mice moved into my classroom, then into my desk and ate my final exams! Believe it or not, there’s more.

Speeches for Kids
(Speech can be altered to be age appropriate)

Things Your Momma Should Have Told You
Having five kids often made it seem like I was everybody’s momma, but I’m not. Still there are lots of things that most mothers pass along to their children. Things like: put on a pair of clean underwear every day, you never know when you might have a wreck and you don’t want the Emergency Room people to see you with dirty underwear on. And then there are those other important things, the ones I call “5 Things Every Kid Should Hear Every Day”

– You are unique. You are not alone. There is always help and hope. You have a future. You are loved.

Every kid should hear these things, but do they? This speech mixes funny things your mother should have told you with the “5 Essential Things” every child should be told every day.

Don’t Tell Me Why You Can’t, Tell Me How You Can
A speech about real people who overcame obstacles and achieved success. After giving some examples then I relate what all these people had in common. They were positive thinkers who weren’t afraid to dream big and work for what they wanted. They made wise choices and when they made a mistake, they weren’t afraid to admit and try something else. And most important of all, they didn’t give up.

Speeches For Christian Women

Seasons of our lives (Presentation may include an on-site example of a hot flash by the speaker!)
Spring and summer are busy hectic seasons so we don’t spend much time thinking about the fall and winter of our lives, but maybe we should. This speech takes a sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant look at the four seasons and what God has promised us about each of them.

Her children called her “blessed”. Mine just call me Momma
A look at the Proverbs 31 woman and all she accomplished, plus some goal setting and leadership training based on her example.

The Heart of a Woman
The Bible gives us many examples of a healthy heart. This speech explores characteristics of a healthy heart and how to get them and keep them!

Interested in having Teresa speak at your church, function, or in your classroom?  Send Teresa a note, and she’ll be in touch soon!  You can also download Teresa’s “One Sheet” HERE