Taking the Grands to Church

When our 5 children were small we took them to church every Sunday, unless someone was sick. Was it hard to get 5 small children up, dressed and to church on time? Well, we weren’t always on time….but we were there. And while we were always dressed, we weren’t always dressed correctly.

Occasionally there would be mismatched socks. Sometimes one of the twins would wear 2 left shoes and the other, 2 right. Once I went to church with an electric roller in my hair and another time I had my dress on backwards. Promise. No joke. It happened. It was a struggle. Some Sundays were harder than others.

Was it worth it? You bet. Would I do it again? I am. Only now it is with my grandchildren. church baby This little darlings mom just had serious surgery so she’s staying with me until mom gets better. This morning we went to church and boy did it bring back memories.

This picture was made before we went to church. Within 5 minutes of getting there the headband was gone. She got hot and the jacket came off. A few minutes later the shoes were gone. By the time the service was over the socks were gone too. We came home had lunch and then had a very long nap.

I know many grandmothers who take their grands to church. Many of them do it because their children no longer go.Some of them just take them with them when they visit. Some of them have several grands they bring.

What about you? Do your grands go to church? Do you take them? Do you think it’s important that they go? I’d love to hear your comments!

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