Taking Grandchildren to the Movies

Taking grandchildren to the movies can be a fun (if expensive) experience. My oldest granddaughter is 8 years old and for a week or so she has been asking me to take her to see God’s Not Dead. I hadn’t heard much about the movie but I knew some friends of mine had taken their young daughter to see it and I knew it was rated PG, so I agreed to take her.

Going to the movies these days is much more expensive than it was when my children were young. By the time I paid the admission and bought popcorn and soft drinks I had spent almost $50. How do young families with several children afford to go to the movies?

My granddaughter and I both enjoyed the film. Not only was it free of foul language (which is almost unheard of today) it had a positive message and was entertaining.

After the movie we had about a 30 minute drive back to our house. Those 30 minutes of discussion about the movie were priceless. We talked about so many things that we probably wouldn’t have if we hadn’t seen the movie. Things like physical abuse, faith, Christianity, choices, and standing up for God.

Would I recommend taking your children or grandchildren to see God’s Not Dead? Most definitely. I would also recommend at least 30 minutes of discussion afterwards. Sometimes the movie isn’t as important as what we learn from discussing  it with our children or grandchildren after we have watched it.

What about you? Do you take your grandchildren to the movies? What’s the last one you watched together and did you enjoy it?


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