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Dr. Margaret Rutherford’s Book: Marriage Is Not For Chickens

Dr. Margaret Rutherford’s book, Marriage Is Not For Chickens is a short, easy read with lovely photographs. When I say short, I mean really short, it can easily be read in 5 [...]

A Love Story You Don’t Want To Miss

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I want to share a love story with you that you won’t soon forget. It’s the true story of Samantha and Kyle; how they met, [...]

They said, “I Do!”

I went to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding this weekend in Alabama and it was beautiful! The wedding ceremony was in a church but the reception was outside. To get to the tent [...]

What’s On Your Burger?

Let me ask you a very important question. Would your husband know what you like on your burger? Last week my sweet husband called me and asked me if I would like [...]

Does it take marriage to create a family?

I ran across an article this week that was conducted by Pew Research and Time Magazine. They conducted a survey that asked the following question, “Is marriage becoming obsolete?” According to their [...]

Thursday Thoughts: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I once heard a woman say, “I don’t care what the question is…love is the answer.”  I think she was right. At the small rural church I attend we have had a [...]