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Finding Happy When You Are Feeling Sad

No one likes to feel sad. Sadness is like a gray cloud hovering over our head. Sometimes we can do like the Taylor Swift song says and Shake It Off. Other times [...]

If I Had a Magic Wand

As a child I often picked up sticks and pretended they were magic wands. Thank goodness they weren’t real or my brother might still be a frog. My granddaughters have pretty magic [...]

Cancer Sucks

Every October I blog a lot about cancer. For awhile I focused solely on breast cancer because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There are lots of awesome blogs who help shout [...]

Cancer-You Never Forget

Today is the anniversary of the day my mother died….24 years ago. It’s a day I will never forget no matter how many years pass. Contrary to what some folks say, you [...]

Dogs as Cancer Detectors

There’s a new reason now to call dogs “man’s best friend” and it has to do with cancer. A recent study conducted by Italian researchers  found that specially trained dogs were able [...]

When Troubles Come

I write about my cousin Martha frequently. I love her and she inspires me to be a better person. She’s a fighter and she’s looked breast cancer in the face 3 times [...]

Do You Know What Mesothelioma is?

I didn’t know what Mesothelioma was, so I looked it up. Here is what I found out. Malignant mesothelioma is the most serious of all asbestos-related diseases. Although uncommon, mesothelioma cancer is [...]

Slaying the Dragon

Cancer should be a four letter word. If it were a flower it would be a thistle. If it were an animal it would be a snake. If it were the weather [...]

Cancer and Loving You Through It

I grew up listening to country music. During my teen years I could sing every Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings song ever written (not as well as they could, but I could [...]

Praising God

Sometimes it seems like all we hear is bad news. Today there was good news on the cancer front. First I read…. “Doctors were told they are on the edge of a [...]

Martha News and Mother’s Day

For those of you who don’t know my cousin Martha and her story here is a condensed version: Martha-I had breast cancer 16 years ago and then again 13 years ago, and [...]

Are You Playing Russian Roulette With Your Health?

Janie is over fifty years old, a diabetic, and at least 100 pounds overweight. In addition to that she has asthma and smokes. Sandra is in her forties. Last year she had [...]

The Council of Dads

If you are stopping by from the UPB, welcome to NanaHood, where it’s pink until there is a cure! Warning: Today’s NanaHood post is longer than usual. Grab a cup of coffee [...]

Celebrate Good Times

If you are stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party, Welcome! Do not think that because this is NanaHood that we are old fashioned fuddy-duddies here. Nana’s like to party too. We [...]

Two Cool Nanas

Once upon there was a nana who hated airplanes.  She hated them because they scared her.  The idea of being up in the air with nothing beneath her terrified her.  Even though [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Cancer is a scary word, and it’s even more frightening when you have it. For weeks I’ve been trying to think of a way to be a better advocate for Breast Cancer [...]

God is bigger than Google

Google is big. If you displayed all of Google”s indexed sites on one monitor, the screen would have to be 6 million miles from corner to corner-about 241 times the size of [...]

Gratituesday-This Win Is For You!

Tuesdays posts are always about gratitude. Many, many Tuesdays I have a hard time deciding what to write about because I have so very much to be thankful for. Today is not [...]

Thursday Thoughts on the Importance of Humor

Many of you know that my cousin Martha has metastatic breast cancer.  The week after her first treatment she lost her hair and she is now wearing a wig (and looks really [...]

Children With Cancer

Nanahood has been in existence just over a year and I have never done two Gratituesday posts in the same day…until now. I heard about Megan McNeil and her song, The Will [...]