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This Hair is for You: Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October I spend a large amount of time thinking and writing about cancer awareness. Of course it’s officially Breast Cancer Awareness month but there are so many different types of cancer [...]

Why I Can’t Blog About Breast Cancer This October

Every October for the last several years I have devoted the whole month to blogging about cancer. The first few years I wrote about breast cancer and then last year I included [...]

Love Her-Hate Cancer

I spent last week in Florida with my BFF/Cousin/Sister and this week I am missing her! This a picture of us modeling our new matching nana tee-shirts. I sure do love her [...]

Mother and Daughter Walking Side By Side

Did you know that the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is sometimes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte? According to Wikipedia (which is always right, right?) He said “Un bon croquis vaut [...]

Finding Happy When You Are Feeling Sad

No one likes to feel sad. Sadness is like a gray cloud hovering over our head. Sometimes we can do like the Taylor Swift song says and Shake It Off. Other times [...]

If I Had a Magic Wand

As a child I often picked up sticks and pretended they were magic wands. Thank goodness they weren’t real or my brother might still be a frog. My granddaughters have pretty magic [...]

Cancer Sucks

Every October I blog a lot about cancer. For awhile I focused solely on breast cancer because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There are lots of awesome blogs who help shout [...]

Cancer-You Never Forget

Today is the anniversary of the day my mother died….24 years ago. It’s a day I will never forget no matter how many years pass. Contrary to what some folks say, you [...]

Dogs as Cancer Detectors

There’s a new reason now to call dogs “man’s best friend” and it has to do with cancer. A recent study conducted by Italian researchers  found that specially trained dogs were able [...]

Courage In The Face of Cancer

My cousin, Martha, has courage in the face of cancer. And she has had for years. I write about my cousin Martha frequently. I love her and she inspires me to be [...]

Do You Know What Mesothelioma is?

I didn’t know what Mesothelioma was, so I looked it up. Here is what I found out. Malignant mesothelioma is the most serious of all asbestos-related diseases. Although uncommon, mesothelioma cancer is [...]

Slaying the Dragon

Cancer should be a four letter word. If it were a flower it would be a thistle. If it were an animal it would be a snake. If it were the weather [...]

Cancer and Loving You Through It

I grew up listening to country music. During my teen years I could sing every Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings song ever written (not as well as they could, but I could [...]

Praising God

Sometimes it seems like all we hear is bad news. Today there was good news on the cancer front. First I read…. “Doctors were told they are on the edge of a [...]

Martha News and Mother’s Day

For those of you who don’t know my cousin Martha and her story here is a condensed version: Martha-I had breast cancer 16 years ago and then again 13 years ago, and [...]

When You Cause Your Own Health Problems

What Happens When You Abuse Your Own Health Janie is over fifty years old, a diabetic, and at least 100 pounds overweight. In addition to that she has asthma and smokes. Sandra [...]

The Council of Dads

If you are stopping by from the UPB, welcome to NanaHood, where it’s pink until there is a cure! Warning: Today’s NanaHood post is longer than usual. Grab a cup of coffee [...]

Celebrate Good Times

If you are stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party, Welcome! Do not think that because this is NanaHood that we are old fashioned fuddy-duddies here. Nana’s like to party too. We [...]

Two Cool Nanas

Once upon there was a nana who hated airplanes.  She hated them because they scared her.  The idea of being up in the air with nothing beneath her terrified her.  Even though [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Cancer is a scary word, and it’s even more frightening when you have it. For weeks I’ve been trying to think of a way to be a better advocate for Breast Cancer [...]