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Grandchildren and Fireworks Safety

I love the 4th of July and I love fireworks, but every year there are accidents that permanently injure people and sometimes can even be fatal. One year someone I knew lost [...]

Why We Celebrate The 4th of July

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate the 4th of July? Last night my 7 year old granddaughter asked me that question. I tried to keep my answer simple, and so I [...]

Happy 4th Friends!

What do you do on the 4th of July?  I watched part of a segment on a talk show and the hostess was showing creative ways to decorate for your 4th of [...]

Friday Fun Links – 4th of July Edition

Hey, hey… it’s almost the 4th of July! And around NanaHood this weekend, we’re having one BIG BASH of a time! Teresa has slashed prices in the NanaHood shop by $4.00 (for [...]

Making December Birthdays Special

Eighteen years ago on December 26th I gave birth to our twins, Grant and Russell. Russell is all of four minutes older than Grant and they both weighed over 6 pounds. Does [...]