The husband broke his finger and had surgery recently, not once, but twice.  During the first surgery they put a pin and a screw in his ring finger, bandaged him up and sent him home. They left 3 fingers on that hand unwrapped and the husband used those 3 fingers way too much. After a few weeks we went back to the hand specialist and learned that the screw had come out (my brother loved telling everyone that his brother-in-law had a screw loose). The second time the doctor operated on his hand he did not leave 3 fingers out and told me that he would have put my husband in a full body cast if he thought he could get away with it.

It has been my experience that men do not usually make the best patients, but my husband is really trying to be good. He does not want hand surgery number 3.  The moral to this story is one surgery is not fun, but two surgeries in less than two months is worse. If you have to have surgery, do yourself a favor and be still and heal.

Holding hands is a challenge, but I can still hold his thumb!

hand surgery

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  1. Diana M. 1 Dec, 2014

    Ouch! Sounds painful! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

  2. Dominique Goh 1 Dec, 2014

    Hope that your hubby’s hand heals well. It must be a very trying time for both of you.

  3. Yamini MacLean 2 Dec, 2014

    Hari Om
    Yikes… that’s a tad inconvenient over the festive season! My best wishes for a speedy recovery to the hubby also… YAM xx

  4. Create With Joy 2 Dec, 2014

    Hope he heals soon! My friend just broke her arm!

  5. Merlinda Little 2 Dec, 2014

    What a sweet photo! Get well soon to your husband!

  6. AJ Thompson 2 Dec, 2014

    Sending him well wishes–it’s not easy to be still…I completely understand!

  7. pioneerpat1 2 Dec, 2014

    I hope he gets well soon/

  8. I wouldn’t be game to hold hands in case it lead to a further injury. Sounds painful. I hope your hubby recovers soon.

  9. Crikey hope it heals soon and LOL @ my brother loved telling everyone that his brother-in-law had a screw loose

    Have a thumbtastic week 🙂

  10. Randa 2 Dec, 2014

    Happy Recovery 🙂

  11. I hope his surgery heals quickly, best wishes and thumbs up!!

  12. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thanks so much Karren!

  13. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thanks Randa!

  14. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thanks and you too!

  15. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thanks so much for the kind words!

  16. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thank you so much!

  17. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    No, especially when you aren’t accustomed to it!

  18. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thanks so much Merlinda!

  19. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Oh no! So sorry about your friend! Here’s too all bones healing quickly!

  20. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thanks, Yam! I appreciate it!

  21. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thanks so much Dominique!

  22. teresak 2 Dec, 2014

    Thank you Diana!

  23. LOL to the screw loose, but poor hubby. What a pain to loose the use of your hand like that. After my recent injury, I started using dictation software instead of typing. It’s wonderful, and often makes me laugh with funny mistakes it makes. Apparently, it was already on my computer we just had to turn on. It might be something worth looking for to help your hubby get through this.

  24. Yikes! Hope they recover completely in time for Christmas!

  25. Mary Denman 2 Dec, 2014

    Sorry, but this made me laugh!! The comment about the body cast was funny!! Hope he heals properly this time!

  26. Clairejustineo 3 Dec, 2014

    Oh no 🙁 hope he heals soon …

  27. Jessica Fiorillo 3 Dec, 2014

    Hope he gets well soon! 🙂
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  28. teresak 6 Dec, 2014

    Thanks Jessica!

  29. teresak 6 Dec, 2014

    Thanks Claire!

  30. teresak 6 Dec, 2014

    I know Mary! Thanks for commenting!

  31. teresak 6 Dec, 2014

    Me too! Ai Sakura!

  32. Glenda Cates 7 Jan, 2015

    I am glad he is being good as even 1 surgery would be too much for me. Not holding hands is OK as you have the thumbs or even putting your hand on his arm.