Sunday Night

It’s Sunday night…

We haven’t been home from church too long. I’m listening to Bill pounding out “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart” on the organ. Makes me want belt out a verse or two, but I wouldn’t want the dogs to start howling.

The boys have gone to the park to play tennis, or their version of tennis which is more like “Let’s see if I can cram a tennis ball down your throat or hit you on the backside when you turn around.” They may not ever make it to Wimbledon but they have fun, and so far no one has had to get stitches.

I’m baking cupcakes (and they smell divine) for “Cupcake for a Cure.” I know it’s not October yet but I wanted to get a head start because I set my goal at $2,000 and at a dollar a cupcake my team is going to have to sell a lot of cupcakes! Tonight’s batch is yellow cake with homemade chocolate icing (I’ll put a pink breast cancer ribbon on top of the icing)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can read about it here …

I know this sounds like a boring way to spend a Sunday evening but I learned a long time ago that boring is good.

Think I will go ice the cupcakes and maybe test one out, just to make sure they are okay.


  1. Can I adopt you as my mom?!! I want some “boring” cupcakes!! 🙂
    New follower from Monday Mingle!!

  2. Boring IS good! It gives us time to reflect and appreciate all that we are blessed with. 🙂

    Following you back from! Hope you are still enjoying your boring Sunday night!

  3. Kim Davis 26 Sep, 2011

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  4. teresak 27 Sep, 2011

    will do!