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For many of us it’s that time of the year again, time to be thinking about for everyone to begin thinking about tax day!  For me it has always been a headache getting ready.  I have tried for years to find a method that works for me. I was tired of my desk looking like a trash heap!  (I know no one else ever has this problem, right?) I began searching for a better way to organize our monthly bills so that this end of the year fight would be more easily won and so that my desk wouldn’t look like this…

I saw something on Pinterest that a wise person had made…I just can’t remember who!  It was an information binder and the best part of this system… no filing!  So starting this month, this year, things will be new and different. Ta Da… My new bill folder….

I know, not really all that exciting to look at, but to me, it is thrilling.

Inside I hope it will function as well for the rest of the year as it has for the past couple of weeks. To break it down…  Inside I have left over little green cash envelopes from Christmas to begin saving for birthdays or other expenses that come up through the year. I also have a little $1 yearly calendar with the cover removed and holes punched so it can always be ready. We do everything on a weekly basis, so being able to look at the whole month and see what is coming each week is very handy. I keep my currently due bills paper clipped and at the ready!

Behind my calendar is the tabbed section. Each bill has its own tab. This is the great part. Once a bill is paid I pull out my three hole punch, pop some quick holes in it and put it in its place! There, done! I know where it is, no searching through file, no misplaced papers.  Following that is a couple of clear page protector pockets for small receipts that we will need to hang on for next year, followed by a folder labeled for the larger ones.

I am already looking forward to next years tax prep (sort of).Now I am looking around for other places in my house that I can streamline with a little more organization.  What are your tricks and tips?  Leave us a comment below and share what works for you!

Have a great weekend!


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