The Story of Your Name – A Book Review

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Sooner or later every child asks, “Where did my name come from?” Sometimes the answer is they were named after a special relative. Sometimes they might be named for someone famous their parents admired. Or, perhaps, their name was chosen just because the parents liked the sound of the name.

Whatever the reason, a child’s name is special.

Dear Peanut-The Story of Your Name


Perfect for your grandchild, child, or to give as a baby gift, The Dear Peanut book is designed to introduce babies, toddlers, and young children to the alphabet and plant the seed that will sprout into a lifelong love of reading.

The Story of Your Name

Your child’s personalized book tells the story of how your child got their name. Through a dream made up of entertaining short stories, your child’s name is formed letter by letter.

your name

What child wouldn’t love a book designed specifically for them? I chose my youngest granddaughter’s name for this book because as the youngest of 6 grandchildren I want her to know that she is just as precious to our family as the first 5 were. This book is my way of making sure she knows that early in life and that we reinforce it as the years go by.

your name

Every time I read the book to her ,or her mother or father do, I hope she feels the love of family and knows that she is as special and unique as the story of her name!

your name

The letters and the art work are are superb, bright, cheerful and fun. As a former teacher I love that you can teach the letters while at the same time enjoying the story of how a child receives their name.

I can’t wait to share this book with my granddaughter and I think your grandchild would love one too! The books are made in the U.S.A., Idaho to be exact. You can read about the book, how to personalize it to suit your family dynamics and order one at their website, Dear Peanut.

Check it out! I think you’ll love it!

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  1. Very cute – I created a book like that for my grandkids which told about the people they were named after and photos