Saturday Morning Sleep In and Annoying Alarm Clocks

Most of us love to sleep in on Saturday mornings. Add some rain and thunder to the morning and personally I don’t see any reason to get out of bed until lunch.

Thinking about sleeping in reminded me of an alarm clock my mom brought home from a vacation once. It was supposed to help my brother get up in the mornings but if I remember correctly it didn’t work. It was a cute little Mexican guy, sleeping next to a cactus. He wore a big sombrero and when the alarm went off he stood up and danced to La Cucaracha. One morning the little clock woke my brother up and when he knocked it across the room….no more La Cucaracha.

Remembering that alarm clock made me wonder if there were other crazy alarm clocks out there. Turns out there are.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

An alarm clocks that is a puzzle and when it goes off the pieces fly out. The clock doesn’t stop making noise until the puzzle is put back together. Wonder how long that clock would have lasted around my brother?

Here’s another interesting one. How would you like to wake up to the sound of a bomb going off next to your head? When it goes off a voice starts counting down. You have three minutes to disconnect a wire from a blinking light. If you don’t get it disconnected the bomb goes off and everyone in the neighborhood may wake up!

Finally there is one that mounts to the ceiling above your bed. It goes off once, then retracts and goes a little higher. If you don’t turn it off you will eventually have to stand up in bed to reach it.

There were lots more weird clocks but I’m thinking one of these just may end up as a graduation gift for our twins. That should guarantee they get up and go to class!

puzzle clock


  1. That is some collection of alarm clocks, what will they think of next to get someone out of bed.I have seen one that when the alarm goes off it jumps off the night stand and jumps around with the alarm going off until you catch it and shut it off. I am sure there are more we have not seen yet.

  2. That’s hilarious! Never heard of any of those. I am a Nana too – to 12 grandchildren! But I still have 2 teens at home too so I am still parenting at the ripe old age of 57. Blessings, Amy

  3. Didn’t matter what alarm clock my brother had – it woke up everyone in the house EXCEPT him… which was no fun on the days he set it for 4am so he could get up to go hunting.

    Of course, these days, it’s me who sleeps right through the alarm clock – guess I’m staying up too late if I’m THAT tired in the am.

  4. Hello! We featured your questions on Monday Mingle this week (tomorrow) – I hope you have a chance to mingle and answer the questions that you submitted 🙂

  5. teresak 23 Aug, 2010

    Hey there, I did my mingle and think I hooked up to your site. When it comes to technology I am not very good….okay, I’m terrible. Best to you and nice getting to know you! Have a great day! Teresa