Roses, Chocolates, or a Balloon?

I have a friend who is a florist. This morning I stopped in to say “hello” and she was so busy we couldn’t talk. I know you can guess why she couldn’t talk.

Valentines day 2011 001

Later at the office I got a surprise….

Yellow roses are my favorite.

Yellow roses are my favorite. Thank you honey!

This afternoon I stopped back by my friend’s business and there was a big difference. The store was practically empty and the workers looked exhausted. I was standing next to the door and a man came in with a worried expression on his face.

“Please, help me,” he said.

Before I could say, “I don’t work here,” he launched into a detailed description of some sort of flower arrangement he was looking for.

After he finished I smiled and told him I couldn’t help him because I didn’t work there and pointed toward my friend the florist.

I’m guessing his girlfriend or wife will get chocolates or a balloon because it isn’t wise to wait until 5  o’clock in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day  to order flowers.


  1. Even grocery story roses that are completely inflated in price today have vanished.

  2. Yellow are my favorite too. I have two yellow ones planted in my rose garden.

  3. Ah, but the day after Valentine’s Day he could make up for it by buying 3x the flowers and showering her with petals, too. Dh went to the grocery store last night and came home with 3 little rose plants – probably 60% off, but that’s alright – thrifty is good. The flowers look beautiful in my kitchen and he presented them saying, “Happy Great Mother Day.” After the day I had with our youngest yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so great – so, it was just really sweet. Hope all worked out for that poor, forgetful man. Your yellow roses are lovely.

  4. teresak 16 Feb, 2011

    Soooo sweet! Give him brownie points or homemade brownies….whichever works for you!