Road Trip 2017!

road tripWe are a back with a video from Martha, and this week we made a road trip from Las Vegas, NV to York, Nebraska. We passed through four states on our way, and Martha took some video footage and photos over the TWO day trip.

Road trips with Martha and her brothers are generally very easy – lots of laughter and silliness… and NAPS! (except for the driver, of course) Because we are from Las Vegas, we enjoy looking at all the scenery that is different from the dessert landscape – trees are VERY exciting to see. (We do have palm trees in NV, but not very many other kinds of trees).

We will have Martha videos from Nebraska for the rest of June AND July, highlighting fun things to do with kids on trips, and especially in Nebraska. (You know, because Nebraska is the vacation capital of the US!) Here’s Martha…

Travel Lately on a Road Trip?

Have you made a road trip lately? What are some of your best tips for keeping kids entertained and happy in the car? Our  most favorite part of our Road Trip was traveling through Glenwood Canyon. The mountains are amazing, and the Colorado River is along side you the whole way. I highly recommend that area of Colorado if you haven’t been yet!


  1. We went to the coast a couple times this late spring. Last one took nearly 4 hours. Had to stop for lunch and a couple potty stops. Just husband and me. It’s been such a long time since we’ve traveled with our children. Didn’t have much trouble with them. Only once were they sad as our car had problems and we didn’t get to go to Indian reservation. It was a good idea to let them share their feelings out loud. It’s their vacation too.

  2. teresak 26 Jun, 2017

    That sounds cool Becky! So glad you got to go on a trip!